Vitarich Corporation
Business Profile:

Vitarich Corporation (VITA) was incorporated and organized on July 31, 1962. The forerunner of VITA was established in 1950 by the brothers Feliciano, Lorenzo and Pablo Sarmiento, when they founded Philippine American Milling Co. Inc. (PAMCO). PAMCO eventually moved from its original location to a more modern feed plant in Marilao, Bulacan, marking the beginning of VITA's fully integrated operations. The company's subsidiaries are Philippine's Favorite Chicken, Inc. (PFCI), Gromax Inc. (Gromax), and Sarmiento Foundation Inc (SFI). PFCI ceased commercial operations in 2005. Gromax, on the other hand, continues to engage in the manufacture and distribution of animal health and nutritional products.

VITA is engaged in the formulation, production, storage and marketing of various animal and aqua feeds. The feeds are produced in various forms such as mash, pellet, crumble and extruded. The feeds product line consists of broiler feeds, layer feeds, hog feeds and aqua feeds. The company's day old chicks (DOCs) are sold nationwide to commercial end-users or supplied to contract growers. DOC production is supplied to its contract growers and sold to commercial broiler producers.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2010)

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Whoever can compute the Book Value of this stock will get a +1 from me. Smile
Bought this earlier after selling all my PWR shares. Sana may laban pa!
around .70

(07-13-2011, 01:24 PM)pating Wrote: around .70

Close but a bit lower. As in a bit lower lang....Smile
0.669? hehe
Ang Na Ang Na Sulakihin Somaskidot Moko Moko!

(07-13-2011, 03:11 PM)japyness Wrote: 0.669? hehe

You just got yourself a +1. Big Grin

Price of Vita 0.31 divide by P/BV = 0.46
Book Value = 0.67/share

Rank 29 Page 2 of the link below.
waw, too late naba dito?? mukhang may 30%+ possible upside pa, kaso wala na kong funds... ahehehe..
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Hindi pa too late dito. Baka mag-all in na ako dito bukas pag binenta ko na lahat ng posisyon sa LC. VITA broke out from its long-time resistance, malayo pa mararating nito.
^^ Nice, salamats sa payo sir ramblingman.. I'll follow your steps, seems like LC will more likely be overbrought tom... Big Grin
~In all your ways, acknowledge God.

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