Stock market calculator?
Thanks ulit sir. May bago nanaman akong kakalikutin. Big Grin
Thank you for the calculator. This one is really helpful.
thanks so much sa mga calc pSmile
Very generous haripoter. Tagal ko na hindi naka bigay ng rep points nakalimutan ko tuloy kung pano. Eto 1 for you haripoter!!
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This is a very good stock market calculator. If this is your first time, then it is really impressive. To succeed in any field of life, you need to engage with full interest. I would like to ask you if you have invested any money in the stock options. I would appreciate the answers.
(07-13-2011, 11:57 PM)haripoter Wrote: hi can you please send me a downloadable version of this it will be a big help thanks.

PSE Simple Stock Market Calculator

[Image: 6090015.jpg]

How to use:

Example: I want to buy 1400 shares @ P17.50 pesos.

At the [No. of Shares] [blank field] just put 1400 and at the [Buy Price] [blank field] just put 17.50 and it will automatically compute for you.

At the [Sell Price] [blank field] you may place the Current Price of the stock [43.15] for example or the price you wish to sell your stock and it will automatically compute for you.

* Gawa po siya sa excel 2007
* Commission is based on 0.25% or minimum of P20
* VAT 12%
* PSE Trans Fee 0.005%
* SCCP 0.01%
* Sales Tax 0.5%
* Temporarily tinago ko yung mga fees kasi I want to keep it as clean and simple as possible.

If you have questions or comments po feel free to ask me na lang po...

Thank you po, Boss Ollie and More Power to SMP!!! Smile
Great calculators, thanx for sharing. However, I have made my own calculator in Excel and it is functioning quite good. However, I am still searching for way to input some additional functions to automatically input current market prices

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