JG Summit Holdings, Inc.
...check if maalis sa MSCI, nasa MSCI ba to? Smile
Pls don't follow me....I'm lost too! hehe
saan ba nalalaman iyon?
may ganito pala

...nakalimutan ko na kung saa kinky Smile hinahanap ko din, JGS price seem to have improved ng konti, although double digit pa rin loss percentage wise -10.88%
Pls don't follow me....I'm lost too! hehe
hehe okie lang comm, ayan may disclosure pala kasi na ganon. pero ano ibig sabihin nung disclosure?
from http://www2.pse.com.ph/html/disclosure/p...32_JGS.pdf

"...On February 2, 2012, affiliates of the JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (the “Company”) Group sold 215 million shares via an accelerated overnight equity placement at a price of P25.00 per share. The initial offer size of the transaction was US$75 million and was upsized to US$125 million due to strong global investor demand amounting to nearly 3x the base deal size.

The transaction was done in order to widen the shareholder base of the Company, and as a response to strong demand for the Company's stock.

UBS AG acted as Sole Bookrunner for the transaction...."

...nagbenta sila sa foreign at a discount
Pls don't follow me....I'm lost too! hehe
does that mean that those foreign funds bought at P25 and now are selling what they bought?

they buy directly from JGS at a 12% discount (or so) from the FEB 2 closing and then sell it at the market..?

but based on the high today of P25.50? they only made a few bucks. unless they were already selling some shares at higher prices knowing that they can buy-back at P25.00

isn't this the style of MPI?
Trading stocks is never a sure thing. Please do your own homework before pressing the button.

...me nagbenta siguro konti, kasama na nung mga nag panic Smile pero I don't think weak hands ang foreigns that bought, not the same din ito with MPI...MPI screwed its investors by selling at a wide price discrepancy from its prevailing price before, more than 12% discount
Pls don't follow me....I'm lost too! hehe
huwaw buti binentahan sila ng JGS ng ganong discount? di ba lugi JGS dun? naguguluhan ako haha. tapos ibbenta lang din ng mga foreign ulit.
Don't you think this is an opportunity to buy since nasa 10% discount din ang price currently? Sana, totoo yung "strong demand for the Company's stock". I'm hoping na makabawi agad to next week. Smile

PD. Bought some earlier

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