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Timson Securities, Inc.
Timson Securities, Inc. (TSI) is one of the leading stock brokerage in the Philippines and member of the Philippine Stock Exchange. It is primarily engaged in stocks brokering and online trading. It caters both retail and institutional clients in the Philippines and overseas.

The Company was incorporated in May 2013 and is a successor broker of BNP Paribas. Timson Securities, Inc. (TSI) aims to become one of the leading and the choice brokerage company in the Philippines. It is committed to provide exceptional trading platform and first class customer service. Timson Trade is the online trading platform of Timson Securities, Inc. (TSI). It is a simplified trading platform where all trading needs is laid out in one screen. The Company will never stop searching for unique and innovative ways to keep up with the changing investment needs and preference of the investing public.

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...hey! welcome Timson Smile do whatever you want with this thread...this thread is yours for FREE...but if you'd like to advertise on some ad slots, maraming salamat Tongue
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