Equity fund or Personal Management
Mga bossing

Ask ko lang yung returns ninyo sa investment for the year 2016?

Mas maganda ba yung ROI kaysa i-invest sa equity fund ng mga banko?

I do not understand why people simply do not reply here. Basically it's all working models, I am all for personal management , but some people prefered some good investment foundation for their stock operatins who will charge something for that on top of income or anywayWink
One of the most important and difficult choices you will face as a new investor is whether you should invest in equity funds or individual stocks. Investing in an equity fund means buying shares of a portfolio overseen by a professional portfolio manager. The portfolio manager is responsible for picking the stocks in the portfolio, as well as the buy, sell, and hold decisions.

Once you've chosen a good equity fund, your responsibility is to continue buying shares, reinvesting your dividends and capital gains, and checking the mutual fund annual report each year to ensure the management company is sticking to the financial philosophy in which you believe; that you are comfortable with the holdings. In a lot of ways, it would be like checking the performance of a building manager you hired to oversee your rental properties

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