What is your end goal in investing?
Hi SMP peeps,

I have been investing in the stock market for more than 2 years now, and my goal is to have atleast 1 million in stock market...Hopefully to have a recurring income - living on interests concept.

Just wondering, what is your main end goal in investing in stock market?
Gary I hope that you will manage to achieve your goal. My goal is similar to yours. I am trying to build a portfolio which would allow me to quit current job and gain my financial freedom and live from portfolio or trading
The market is all about knowing if you want to be a successful trader then you should know the market deeply. Keeping in touch with the market on a regular basis will help you to learn more and you will be able to create a great portfolio of your past. It all depends upon the knowledge about the market.
I think that setting yourself a goal on any financial market is very good starting point to make success in the future. In this way you will be motivated continuously to improve your strategy in order to achieve your goals. I have started with smaller targets and increased them during time
ayus ng goals nyo sir ... ang akin nmn e sana ma protect ko ung capital ko.. para endi maubos... para mas masaya Smile
I am sure that majority of the forum will agree with me is that the end goal of investing is to earn profits. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing that your investments have paid off. This is a natural thing. There is nothing bad about it.
My ultimate goal is financial independence. I want to earn enough to invest money and get passive income. At the moment, I can’t leave my main job, but I think that in 3-4 years I will be able to finish work.
Ideally, I want to work only 2 hours a day and get enough money for a living.
I made a wish list. I highlighted those that I can do now and those that need to be saved for several years. So here is the main goal so that there is no longer a second column. and I could always immediately buy what I now need.
If you suddenly need expensive treatment, I want to pay for everything and recover without problems.
End goal in investing is probably something like sort of last poster here proposed, but I am not sure what he really meant there forex or something like that cause honestly it's do damn hard to make any money with forex or anything else than with stocks if you know how to invest them correctly and finally anyway. I simply do not get what is going on there basically. Let's define all that clearly something like that anyway. Can we or not ? I do hope to make it somewhat better really than anything else. Can we do somewhat different ? You also need to be in knowledge how much you can really invest in something like foreign stocks and how much you can withdraw from that accounts to the home country.

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