What Chart Are You Using For Real Time Quote?
Hello im into market timing and i need a good, cheap and free (if possible) real time chart? I am currently using Amibroker in order to get real time data feed i need to have an account from a third party broker like Esignal (esignal.com) but opening an account for Esignal is so expensive. I prefer a software based charting over web based, any thoughts?
I think that Amibroker is one of the best chart providers out there. I think that you should keep on using them. I have been using them for a lot of time and they have provided credible data all the time. What do you think guys? How highly do you rate Amibroker?
A separate platform should be provided to the users according to their level of expertise. In this way, the beginners will interact with each other on the basic level and they will be able to learn the market from basics. An entire market staff should always be available to answer the questions.
You can try different platforms and choose which one suits you the best. However,I also think that your broker will be able to provide you with basic charting tool, so you should start testing this one. Anyway, too much indicators used on your chart, might bring some confusion about next market move

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