For Hire,Sale,Pest Control, Construction Services.
I'm helping a friend who just started his own small company. Pest Control and Construction services, Water proofing, Painting etc.from residential to high rise building. free quotation and consultation. Please pm me if you are interested. many thanksBig Grin
Cool, would you don't mind to list some of his past or current projects with everything possible out there for some reasons if it really that possible anyway with some example of qoutations for anything you may want or mean totally and completely alltogether. Cause it's very important to have something like that for me in near future, of course if that proposal is really valid still cause not many are possible to do that alltogether anyway. So many times have passed totally and completely for example. How do you plan to go there ? Out of my mind really. Do you want it to be there anyway ? I may ask him or you for some project very soon. Let's arrange something with that.

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