Sirs, Any PSE Online Broker You Suggest For Newbies?
-What Online Broker is Better in terms of the following:

1. availability ( di laging nag hahang Big Grin)
2. speed
3. user friendly

-What online broker is ideal for Newbies and for Traders?

-Is it advisable to have more than 1 online broker?

Thanks for the answer, sharing your thoughts and suggestions!

God bless!
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For me, get an online and a traditional broker. The latter is to get "the buzz" from the industry players, research and PR na rin.

Sa online, COL pa rin e. BPItrade is out of the question. FMSec and RCBCSec, ok din sabi ng friend ko, pero not par with COL yet.
I'm using COL and Philstocks...

I can recommend COL... free seminars to their clients/customers...
I cannot recommend Philstocks at the moment, still they're not fixing by portfolio bug issues ever since before and after their recent upgrade... haha Big Grin
Always think of a broker as a bank. Can you trust it with your money? Only after answering that question can you begin to shop around for the thing that traders look for like cost of transactions and the turnover rate. Tsupiteros would prefer COL as your money could be employed instantaneously after every sell transactions. Slow hand traders like myself prefer the provincial pace of bpitrade haha!
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