25k initial investment in stock
Tanong q lng po s mga expert na, 1k na kita sa 25k investment per day, day trading, is it possible? Lets say average ang skill nung trader.
possible but not gonna happen every day... newbie thought
I c. Tnx sirchris!
I know that the majority of the members will disagree with me but if this is your first time investing, then 25k is a very large investment. You need to invest small and see how things for your first time. The biggest reason is that you need to stay calm while remaining in the market.
I also think that you should first start with smaller amount. Eventually, try first to use demo account and test your trading strategy or investigate some new ones. After that try applying it on real account but keep in mind to use money management techniques to protect your investment from loses
I fully agree with Glaskor. As you are beginner, there is huge probability that you will experience several losing deals until you gain a bit more experience on this market. For this reason start with smaller amount of fund and switch later to larger amounts. See how it goes further

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