*on buyback* Metro Pacific Investments Corp.
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MPIC raises P8.64B for tollroads

MANILA, Philippines — Metro Pacific Investments Corporation has placed P8.64 billion in new MPIC shares with existing and new investors to raise funds for investments in infrastructure, particularly its tollroad business.

In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, MPIC priced the 2.4 billion shares it sold at P3.60 each in a placement managed by CLSA Limited and J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd.

The placement was conducted overnight and garnered strong interest from institutional investors in Asia, Europe, and the US as well as from MPHI.

“This undertaking prepares us for the planned expansion of our tollroads business that will bring us closer to realizing our vision of connecting the North Expressway to the South into one seamless highway,” said MPIC president Jose Ma. K. Lim.

MPIC chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan said “we are very keen to help the Government of President Benigno S. Aquino III make its PPP initiatives work for the good of the country and our shareholders.”

Pangilinan was referring to public-private partnerships aimed at employing private funds to build or improve public infrastructure such as roads, railways and airports.

MPIC had planned to raise up to P8.75 billion by issuing up to 1.25 billion new shares indirectly to investors as well as 1.19 billion common shares to controlling shareholder Metro Pacific Holdings Inc. Through an overnight and accelerated top-up placement transaction, MPHI planned to sell up to 1.25 billion of its MPIC common shares at P3.57 per share.

The private placement was primarily offshore by way of marketed placing to investors outside the United States as well as domestically to a limited extent to qualified investors.

As part of the transaction, MPHI was to subscribe up to 1.25 billion common shares out of the MPIC’s current authorized and unissued capital stock at the issue price of at least P3.57 per share. MPHI also planned to subscribe to 1.19 billion MPIC shares from MPIC’s current authorized and unissued capital stock at the issue price of P3.60 per share.


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sir spyfrat, what's ur recommendation right now for MPI? given that the US is also down, thanks!
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In order to achieve one's objectives, one must adapt.
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...back to MPI...MPI was sold off last week by foreigns and was sold off again yesterday by them also, maybe they didn't like the placement, chartwise, it may want to fill the gap it formed a couple of days ago but who knows when. The DOW's drop does not do good for the whole of the market, MPI included, a follow thru selling by foreigns might be its activity again today...so downward pressure, only my opinion, no stock guru me

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