Wellex Industries, Inc.
Mam, I'm already in sa WIN... Pero konti lng... Pang-initial entrance Cool
Secret of the Universe ba yan ? hehehe

Buti na lang naging green na ung WIN ko Big Grin
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(09-08-2011, 11:23 AM)Ruach Wrote: ^^Parang mas gusto ko mas lalo ka mag HEHEHEHE! Lakasan mo pa. Malay mo sobrang lumagpas sa AEP mo. How would you feel ba pag ganun? If that will be your feeling, then start doing so even if doesn't look like now.

What you see now can be changed by what you see in the inside. Keep looking at what you see in the invisible and it will soon manifest as a reality. Smile winking

hwaw! salamat po sa words of encouragement! hihi
buy high, sell higher!

stock market abbreviations (for newbies)

"when it comes to trading, i'm just barely smart enough to realize that i'm a total idiot. i might be considered stupid, but on the intelligence scale, it puts me comfortably ahead of all the dumber people who thinks they're better than me."

Zobels get deeper into bed with Gatchalians November 23,2011

AFTER hiving off the Davao Insular Hotel to the Gatchalians 13 years ago, the Zobels have decided to renew their ties and jump into a more enduring partnership with the First Family of Valenzuela.

The Zobels, through one of their encargados, have sewn up an agreement with Waterfront Hotel patriarch William Gatchalian to redevelop 60 hectares of the 84-hectare Plastics City compound in Valenzuela City, according to crystal-clear City Hall chatter.

The Zobels apparently intend to turn the idled manufacturing facility into a mini-Ayala Center, with the construction of a call-center building as the first project. In a role reversal, the chinoy-entrepreneur Gatchalian will this time be the landlord-haciendero, with the Zobels reverting to the Colonel McMicking role.

The joint venture also marks a switch in the Zobel business strategy, the second partnership with a known Erap ally after another real estate venture with trader Lucio Co of Puregold.

The Zobels should encounter minimal regulatory friction from the city, unlike the elder Gatchalian’s citizenship bid during the Cory Aquino presidency when the trader and his ex-lawyer Joker Arroyo were being skewered by certain leaders of the Makati Business Club.

After all, Gatchalian’s two sons, Sherwin and Rex, are the three-term mayor and congressman, respectively, of the factory town, in addition to being both educated like the Zobels in good US schools.

Sixteen times bigger than the Ayala Center, Plastics City earned its name when it briefly became one of the biggest integrated plastics manufacturing facilities in the world, only to be felled by the Asian currency crisis, the rush to liberalization and second-highest power cost in the region.

But that, as they say, is another story.

biglang may nagka interes dito!!! sige! i hype natin ito para mag multi bagger ako dito!!! let's go sago!
buy high, sell higher!

stock market abbreviations (for newbies)

"when it comes to trading, i'm just barely smart enough to realize that i'm a total idiot. i might be considered stupid, but on the intelligence scale, it puts me comfortably ahead of all the dumber people who thinks they're better than me."

i haven't read the news but i got this base on price action Big Grin

hype mo pa boss glen Big Grin
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if WIN really owns the 80 hectares of Plastics City..
then at P5,000/sqm.. the value of WIN from that land alone is P4B na..
compared with current market cap of P450m... pwedeng mag x10!
so balik sa all time high na P1.50s???
book value is more than double the current price.. so more than 50% ang margin of safety...

i was hesitant to buy after reading of the rumor but based on risk/reward analysis.. pasok na ako.. tutal below book value..

did some pa-epal charting as well.. but i am not a chartist.. so take this with a grain of salt..

[Image: WIN2.jpg]

critical next week.. kung mabreak downtrend + resistance line..
and meron bang namumuong triangle?
(09-07-2011, 03:54 PM)glenchuy Wrote: fundamental potential? none. haha. jockey potential, meron. meron pa ako nito, ipit na ipit sa itaas. hehe.

sir glenchuy, in my opinion having a huge landbank is a potential whether or not may interest from somewhere... the present value of the land is already worth p4 billion... and at least x2 pa kung talagang ayala ang papasok Big Grin

kaya i immediately entered na kasi potential of rising 20x from current
price if totoong pumasok sila ayala.. kung japakes naman.. pwede na din x10 just to reach the present valuation of the land.. hehe..
heard in the radio about some lending company running after gatchalian regarding bounced checks. anybody who has more info on this is welcome?
The World is a Vampire . . .
Tycoon charged for bad checks

A lending firm filed criminal charges in the Manila City’s Prosecutor’s Office yesterday against investments tycoon and plastics king William Gatchalian, father of Valenzuela City Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian, for allegedly issuing P26 million in bad checks to settle a loan eight years ago.

Scepter Lending Corp. (formerly Goldmine Lending Corp.), represented by its vice president for operations Jose Baizas, charged Gatchalian, Wellex Group chairman, with eight counts for violating Batas Pambansa Blg. 22, or the bouncing checks law, for eight postdated checks he allegedly issued from April 2003 to July 2003.


In the complaint, Baizas alleged that from April to July 2003, Gatchalian negotiated and encashed eight Equitable PCI Bank postdated checks with amounts ranging from P2 million to P7 million with the lending firm.

The complainant attached a May 12, 2003, letter allegedly written by Gatchalian stating that he had sent postdated checks to settle a P14 million loan from the company which was due on April 16, 2003.


The letter said the payment schedule for the loan had been revised because of “the delay of Pagcor (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) in the completion of the payment for the amended lease agreement we executed with them.”

Baizas, however, claimed, that when the checks were presented to the bank, these were not honored because the “payments stopped.”

“Complainant demanded from respondent (Gatchalian) that the latter make good the value of the checks. However, respondent, with evident bad faith and deceit, refused to comply with said demand,” the lending firm official said.

Baizas attached a Nov. 15 demand letter from the law firm of lawyer Bonifacio Alentajan where Gatchalian was given a week to “kindly make good” the total amount of the checks totaling P26 million.


Gatchalian’s alleged failure to comply with the demand prompted the filing of the charges against him, with the complainant citing provisions of Article 315 of the Revised Penal Code (estafa) and BP Blg. 22 and prayed that eight counts of the proper offense be filed in court against the businessman.

According to its website, the Wellex group is among the biggest investment firms in the country, with interests in the hotel business, real estate development, oil, mining, aviation, trading and banking.


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