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(10-02-2012, 07:35 AM)Snow White Wrote: milk and honey,

Why do you think PCKH is still cheap ?

Do you think the acquisition of Yellow Cab was a good one ?

( I bought some board lots of PCKH at 6.90 because it was technically oversold. I wonder if there is a good fundamental reason to hold on much longer. )

I think PCKH is still cheap because for the past 5 years the general P/E ratio is atleast 34.19x. The market is paying much more for each peso earned by PCKH. I don't know the industry standard, I don't even know why the market pays so much as for P/E. For yellow cab I guess it'll contribute to the net income. I believe that consumer spending will make PCKH profitable this year. With such low interest rates and benign inflation rate, I expect consumer spending to be strong this year. As for technical side.... look at its chart for the past 5 years, and you'll notice hell super cheap PCKH.... nut reasonable enough to hold...
UOB KAY HIAN completed selling its 4 Million shares.
(10-03-2012, 05:10 PM)milk and honey Wrote: UOB KAY HIAN completed selling its 4 Million shares.

tapos na pala. ano na next? si unicap na bahala dyan winking
sna nga e umangat na
Is UOB KAY the only overhang here ? Confused

There was a January 2012 corporate disclosure that stated a private equity firm is looking to sell its 21% stake in PCKH.

see :

Outstanding shares : 237,795,455
237,795,455 * 0.21 = 49,937,045.55
237,795,455(outstanding and issued) -192,636,364 (listed) = 45,159,091 (unlisted)
pretty close to the figure of 21% up there... Just making a guess i don't understand why the shares are unlisted or not available to the public, but the news article could be related to the above unlisted shares. (just my guess). If not holding makes you comfortable feel free not to hold. Big Grin
my guess again the price should hover around above what the price is now if they are ready to sell.
please add some to my poor reputation if you found this helpful. thank you...
dami siguro si mam milk and honey neto ky lagi promote! goodluck po!
(10-04-2012, 07:27 PM)norman103557 Wrote: dami siguro si mam milk and honey neto ky lagi promote! goodluck po!

LoL Angel naaawa lng ako sa reputation ko, naglilimos akoBig Grin, nakita ko kasi na di ata maganda tignan na yung mga baguhan eh sangkatutak na ang reputation. Big Grin i have a lot of unreliable insights and this might be one of them dancing man I don't pump and dump. Look at CAL 10++ parin average ko. LOL

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