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ABS-CBN Corporation
^ bat mo ako iniwan nosteng Undecided Big Grin
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cycle top na si ABS... sold kanina at 39. Thanks ABS Smile

-4.62% as of this time.
Congrats sa gain boss chuBig Grin
^ ikaw kasi nag take profit ka kahapon napagaya tuloy ako. hehe... joke lang. Smile congrats satin
wow napaaga benta ko... +1.41% na.... now at 39.50. mukhang gusto talaga mag 40.
Nangiwan tong si ABS. Pano pa kaya ako boss chu, sobrang napaaga sell ko. haha
uy nosteng sabi sayo chu nalang e. Big Grin namili kanina si tower e.
Ay sorry ulit. hehe
ayun 40 na
+ 1.11% today... high at 41.80 and closed at 41.05.

formed a shooting star candlestick. let's see if this is a sign of cycle top for ABS.

this has been slowly moving up since Jan 2012 at 30 going up to 41 this april.

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