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Hi commander Ollie n to rest of the gang, congratulations on your new project. Will pray for your success
mod O, salamat sa pag-invite and salamat sa vote of confidence na patuloy mong binibigay sa mga newbies na kagaya ko. Ribbon cutting na Smile
^^...hindi na lang ako Mod O dito, full fledged Commander na ako dito ngayun nyahihihi Smile welcome to you here aiz, wag mo pa rin pababayaan si TP sa kabila ok? and keep quiet...

commander ollie, kala ko sa nestea commercial lang ang SMP, nandito na din pala ngay-un, StockMarketPilipinas! hehe

hello to all! nasa TP din ako, pero madalang mgpost..
Congrats to boss ollie and other masters and supporters!
thanks for the invite!

Hi Comm O ,i am here to help in anyway i can Big GrinTongue
Boss Ollie, congrats for launching SMP! Cheers to learning and camaraderie.
nihil timendum est.
Congratulations on the new, Forum Senor Ollie! Hope this will be as successful as TP and other endeavors you are involved with. Curious tho about the general direction of SMP and how it intends to differentiate itself from FM and TP. Thanks and more power!

...bos genkumag, its an honor for us here at SMP to be graced by your presence (hindi pa handa ang site na ito para sa mga katulad ninyo bos hehe, napapalunok na lang ako)

...my vision is to fastrack the expansion of local participation in our small stock market, to encourage all citizens in making long investments in the stockmarket. Foreigns have been lording it all over our market for eternity and still local participation is so very small which, for me, is embarassing.

...just a simple vision lang po muna si SMP bos genkumag but I want SMP to take off coming from the ground up and not from the rich and moneyed class na (pasensya na bos taga UP ako eh Wink ). I wish for the growth of the middle class and any form of help I can, as an individual, give to that economic segment, I will. This site could be one of it.

...SMP could be focusing on beginners and will allocate attention into turning them into long term investors, well that's my hope.

...bos genkumag, yan na muna sagut ko sa inyo ha? Smile nauna kasi yung decision to put up this site rather than yung specific objectives eh but yung general vision naman is yung nasa itaas

...differentiating SMP from TP and FM is a tricky question bos. A forum is a forum is a forum.....I guess it would have to boil down to the host of the particular forum, and I have a long way catching up to the men behind those two forums

...bos genkumag tenks again ha? just post whenever you like po

The honor is all mine, Senor Ollie. Smile Thanks for taking the time to reply to my inquiry. I share your advocacy and would be glad to contribute to SMP anyway I can. Would be sure to drop by every so often to contribute and assist in responding to questions from would be and beginning investors. Again, thanks and more power!

wow na wow.....bigtime na talaga si Commander Ollie, BigMomma pede ba pumasok na alalay kay Commander, irecommend mo ko... tagapunas ng shoes... ahihihi

Governors AIU and ED... congrats!!!

More power to all of you!!!!!

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