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Hello Friends!

I've been playing with stocks for over 5 years now; I've been quite lucky the past couple of years.
I have a couple of broker friends too, so I have tons of materials and access to free seminars (pero i don't avail it as often as i should - tamad) hahahaha

I'm here to lurk lang, I have nothing important to contribute (newbie,greenhorn). But I'll do my best.

I have been a student of the market for 3 years now and continually learning to better trade our PSE! I'm here to observe lang muna, probably be asking a lot of questions as I consider myself greenhorn pa rin when it comes to stock trading.

Here's to successful 2019! Big Grin
Thank you Admins for accepting me. Glad to be here. Big Grin
where can i find smiley(emoticon) amateur_trader? (**) beginner here.
Hello, good luck to all.  banana

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