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It's very cool to have such site about stocks of each phillipino market on the web. The one thing I like that I see that some broker and only them promoted here and would love to have much more information like help glossary for newbies. Cause such sites and like malaysiastockexchange.biz lacks this info it seems.
Hi, Im new here. Im mostyl about Cryptocurrency. Anyone here for crypto?
Salamat naman nakabalik din dito after 6 years of absence. madami akong babasahin.
(08-02-2019, 12:22 PM)MikScott200 Wrote: Hi, Im new here. Im mostyl about Cryptocurrency. Anyone here for crypto?

noon masyado akong atat sa crypto, malaki nasunog sa akin.  ngayon learning yon, ang akin na lang EOS, XRP pero long term at d na malki ang exposure ko..
Hi, new here and also in stock market investment.
I've been following Mr. Bigote sa FB and YT.
hopefully madagdagan pa learnings ko dito.

thanks for accepting!
I have been trading in the market for many years. I tried all types of trade. I understand both Forex and cryptocurrency exchanges.
I was lucky, I bought several bitcoins at a bargain price, and then sold them at the peak.
Now I’m thinking where else could you invest profitably in order to increase them.
I draw and dance tango in my free time. Several times painted naked girls. Well this is not very important Smile
My position is that everyone should read books for self-development. I try to read 1 book a week, sometimes it turns out, sometimes not.
I am a cheerful man, so everyone who wants to chat - write. I will be happy to answer your questions.
Hi all, new blood here.. learning the ropes in the stock market
Thanks for accepting
hi all Newbie Here..trying to refresh everything with local stock market
thanks Smile
Good mga sir, meron po kyo way para ma import yung "BLOCK SALE" to amibroker?

Or may converter kyo ng pdf daily quotation from pse  to csv para sa BLOCK SALE data?
Glad to be part of this Forum
Thank you Master Ollie

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