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Message to All

It is with great pleasure that we present to you this newest forum site, StockmarketPilipinas.com, a brother to TradersPizza.com and P6Traders.com and to all the other stock forum sites and blogsites that deal with our own local stockmarket.

It is the objective of this newfound forum to become yet another catalyst in promoting the Philippine Stock Market to as many average Filipino Investors and Traders as possible with an end in view of growing and strengthening the local participation of our citizens in our very own stock exchange. Help grow your country, invest long in the equities and always be responsible traders.

congratulations super guru ollie hehe nice site you have
the key to trading success is to focus on how much money is at risk, not how much money you can make.

trading is simple, but it's not easy. if you want to stay in the business, leave hope at the door, focus on specific setups, and stick to your stops.
this website is a real HIDDEN TREASURE... sana ma-publicize na ASAP. congratz congressman ollie and governors aiu and ed... a lot of traders will love this place...
hello to sir aiu and madam bigmomma Smile
im glad to be part of this super site..
Thank you master ollie for everything Wink
Congratulation and More POWER to you and to stockmarketpilipinas.com =)
Sir Ollie, I've been a fan since TradersPizza. Hulaan mo na lang kung sino ako boss Big Grin This is a very good forum site sir I am sure this would be buzzing with members in just a short time. Ikaw pa.

Congratulations Sir Ollie, also to Mod Albert. Hello to Big Momma
A new forum is born...................... salamat master ollie
Kung walang drama walang saya Tongue
hi amateur_trader and gus casio... cmdr d'pogi, mistah lim & aiu - wala bang welcoming drinks?
brod ollie, mod albert and mistah lim...congrats to this new site!!! pa canton kayo!!!
Hello everyone, pasali din dito.....congratuations Ollie, Albert, Mistah Lim and Ed. Syempre di comkpleto pag wala si Big Momma.......
(05-23-2011, 09:35 AM)BigMomma Wrote: hi amateur_trader and gus casio... cmdr d'pogi, mistah lim & aiu - wala bang welcoming drinks?

hello bigmomma Smile si boss ollie nadaw nag sasagot at magseset pag nagka eb dito Big Grin


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