Backdoor Listing
Tinanong ko to sa IP thread, dito nalang daw sabi ni Comm. Puwede bang malaman kung ano ibig sabihin ng backdoor listing? Angel

Nagssnow pala dito sa forums. Kala ko sira lang screen ko Big Grin
#2 its simplest terms, a backdoor entry means an entity is able to make itself publicly listed by buying a listed shell company...

...paki segundahan na lang guys ang sagut Smile thanks

...the entity buys out the majority or merges itself with another company (which is listed)

...I think this method is convenient when the market is unfavorable for an IPO, it is also a faster method of making the entity public immediately

Ah ok. Kaya pala buy ni Bloomberry si IP ng 70%? Anong ibig sabihin ng shell company?
..this one is from COL

Backdoor listing is a method that private companies can use to get their shares listed on the public stock exchanges without undergoing the regulatory and investor scrutiny of an IPO. Once the asset restructuring is complete, the privately held company becomes listed under the shell company’s name, which gives it access to stock market capital.

k thx!
A shell company is a company that exists but does not actually do any business or have any assets. The most interesting type of shell company (to investors) is one that has a listing.

a good example of a shell company is IPVG, while Century Properties did a backdoor listing on PWR. Smile
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a company chooses to go "backdoor" instead of going through the tedious process of going through an IPO when it wants to get listed really fast.

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