Forex Daily Updates
A slight recovery in U.S. equity indexes early Wednesday is helping the USD/JPY to recover from yesterday’s sell-off. Traders may be reacting to a report that China said it won a pledge from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.
China is taking right decisions which are proving vital for the economical growth of the currency of the country. I think China has a great think tank which keeps eye on the altering situations of the world. Moreover, China is investing in many underdeveloped countries as well.
This article provides the daily update about forex, means it provide the day to day update how the currency have moved in the day and will let the new investor to know about the market conditions and let them invest in the market when conditions are favourlable thats an informative platform.
Beginners should be aware of the risks in the market. There should be official coaching classes about the market by the certified stock users. One should study the profits and losses history of the market so that one can analyze and predict the future of the market.
I am trying to understand what exactly is topic of this thread. Are we going to see some updates about developments on forex market, or only some comments? I have read this thread really hoping to find some new information about Forex
Well, I thought that thread is done for something like for example to receive many daily forex updates from some one source and that's really it, so what are you really doing here ? News about USD/JPY is good, but where is some stream of news ?

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