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CSV Daily Quotation Report by Silime
14 Dec 2017

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(12-13-2017, 08:32 PM)jobeth2000 Wrote: Your stock data today has 265 stocks traded but First Metro Sec and BPI Trade have only 236 stocks traded.

Thanks for pointing that out. I checked the PSE DQR PDF file that I have downloaded and I compared it with the recent one that I downloaded for the December 13, 2017 trading day. I noticed that they generated a recent PSE DQR for the said trading day around 23:55 yesterday.

The SHA512 checksum of the earliest is e4c0c8ea4b9bcf6ad5d947958da398ff25e63501376f7fdb31a02d2c2284cafc872266ee086fc8bb3a4cdb3bfe18a79188c4d782560cad97c618ad0ea31a5b16.

Meanwhile the SHA512 checksum of the more recent is 7f04e4f328f8e8aa613d9fb20895d30f19721cf0c97fff3b503e704f287b0a30b42e4397c9184d8fb51f092cc3552ef094b0922f0b8bc447c242f54e6794489b

This just means that both are two completely different files. So most likely PSE indeed generated a more recent DQR for yesterday's trading day.

EDIT: Attached on this post are two screenshots showing that the two PDF files from PSE have two distinct time of creation. One around 15:47 and one 23:55.

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I think I know what happened on the first dqr PSE uploaded for December 13, 2017. I noticed that the traded value of stocks on that day were equal the sum of the traded value for December 12 and 13.  Huh  PSE's reports generation had a glitch.

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