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Name: Gio
DOB: 28 Oct
Sex: male
Location: Aikawa
Trading Bias: Fundamentals, News
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: Goodluck to all
Name: Erwin1x1
DoB: 26 Jan
Sex: M
Location: Abu Dhabi - UAE
Broker: COL
Trading Style: Tech. A. Blue Chips only
Message to SMP: Sana may mapulot akong magandang aral sa yo.
Name: _DK
DoB: 01 Jan
Sex: Yes
Location: Manila
Broker: COL
Trading Style: impulse buy
Message to SMP: hope to read good buys reco
Name: CocoCabs
DOB: March 05
Sex: M
Location: Makati
Broker: COL
Small Message for SMP: Hope to learn a lot from you guys because I'm new to investing. Smile
Name: Jim Sits
DOB: 05 May 1998
Sex: male
Location: Cebu
Broker/s: BPI
Small Message for SMP: Maligayang pasko!
Name: xayaza
DOB: January 2
Sex: M
Location: Manila
Broker: Philstocks
Small Message for SMP: Gusto ko po matuto ano parameters ng indicators niyo. Entry/Exit signal, etc. Salamat po!
RE: Make Your Small Introduction Here (Guys Lagay Kayo Avatar Pls Thanks)

Name: Abitot
DoB: 17 Nov
Sex: F
Location: Caloocan
Broker: COL
Message to SMP: Hoping for a bullish 2017 para sating lahat! Cheers!
Name: Anjee
DOB: 09/08/1996
Sex: Female
Location: Ilocos Sur
Trading Bias: what does this mean? :confused:
Broker: None yet
Small message for SMP: Hello its me
Name: Ren
DOB: Aug 1
Loc: SG
Message: I hope to learn more here and contribute to the group
Name: blankcurse
DOB: 06 July
Sex: Male
Location: 10°17′N 123°54′E DEATH STAR II
Trading Bias: Technical
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your port.

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