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Hi, nice to be part of SMP.
Broker: COL
Name: leequick
DOB: 31 August
Sex: Male
Location: Batangas
Trading Bias: Technicals
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: God bless everyone!
Name: GARY
DOB: 26 December
Sex: male
Location: Manila currently here in taipei (ofw)
Trading Bias: Technical
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: currently still on process studying technical how to enter/exit to minimize risk. hope we can help giving information and sharing our thoughts of learning
Name: Pampsimuno "Pamps
DOB: 12-January
Sex: Mel
Location: Mayon
Trading Bias: Technical
Small Message for SMP: Naku Ipit pero Puso Lang
Name: Mark na may C 'marckdot'
DOB: 04 June
Sex: How much? Ay Male pala
Location: Manila
Trading Bias: Technical and Fundamental
Broker/s: COL, BPI
Small Message for SMP: Nag-invest, naipit, nag-aral, magttry ulit
Name: Elmer
DOB: December 8
Sex: Male
Location: Quezon City
Trading Bias: Newbie in stocks
Broker/s: COL Financial
Small Message for SMP: Thank you. So excited to be part of this group!
NAME: Duck Dodgers
DOB: June
TRADING BIAS: Toss Coin Method bananabananabanana
SEX: Always ....err Male palaBig GrinBig Grin

Hi SMP! bananabanana
Name: Eric na walang "K"
DOB: 21st of May
Sex: Male
Location: Laguna, Makati, madalas online.
Trading Bias: basa basa lang,pasilip silip at pasundot sundot
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: Isabit niyo naman ako sa mga kandila niyong pataas.
Name: RAZ
DOB: Sept.28
Sex: Male
Location: QC
Broker: FirstMet
Name: Bulikman
DOB: 20 January
Sex: Male
Location: Milan,italy
Trading Bias: TA
Broker/s: COL

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