* Next Here * Make Your Small Introduction Here (Guys Lagay Kayo Avatar Pls Thanks)
Name: mangjose
DOB: March 30, 89
Sex: Male
Location: Qatar
Trading Bias: Noob. (learning)
name: raffy
DOB: dec. 24
Sex: male
Location: manila
trading Bias: still reading pa po
Broker: Col
message: salamat po sa pag accept, a good day
Name: GP
DOB: 8 December
Sex: Male
Location: Cebu
Trading Bias: Technicals all the way
Broker/s: none yet. still at backtesting phase.
Small Message for SMP: hoping to have a good time here 
Name: Em
DOB: 26th day of the year
Sex: M
Location: Pasig or Bataan
Trading Bias: technical and fundmental
Broker/s: Nomura
Small Message for SMP: Ang saya dito!  banana
Name: Louie Pineda
DOB: March 31
Sex: Male
Location: Munoz City, Nueva Ecija
Trading Bias: Long Term
Broker/s: Nomura & looking for
Small Message for SMP: new here,
Name: BagitongTrader
DOB: 4th of Feb
Sex: Male
Location: Laguna
Trading Bias: Still learning
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: balita mga boss?
Name: exengineer
DOB: 26 Dec
Sex: Male
Location: Manila
Trading Bias: 5 energies of the market
Broker/s: COL/FMS
Small Message for SMP: Continuous knowledge is the key
Name: KayeWhatevs
DOB: 20 Sept
Sex: Female
Location: Zamboanga
Trading Bias: TA, noob na may kapa
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: Salamat sa mainit na pagtanggap..
Name: JuanKulas
DOB: 5 January
Sex: Male
Location: Cavite
Trading Bias: Technical first, Fundamental second, Catalysts (News)
Broker/s: COL & Philstocks
Small Message for SMP: Hi All! Wishing more power to people behind this site and also more profit to all of us... Smile
Name: jo8ei
DOB: May 11
Sex: Male
Location: Quezon City
Trading Bias: Newbie
Broker: COL
Small message for SMP: More power to this forum and I hope to gain more knowledge reading threads

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