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Name : Crystalball99
DOB : Nov 21, 19forgotten
Sex : unknown
Location: Jupiter, uranus, mercury, venus....EARTH? SAN UN?
Trading Bias : Itatanong ko kay Bossing??????
Broker : BPI trade / citisec online
Sorry po, nakapag-post na ako without going through this thread Big Grin

Name: aiz
DOB: 23 October
Sex: Female
Location: Muntinlupa
Trading Bias: Forever Newbie Short-Medium Term Trader
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: Nice project from the ultimate newbie supporter, mod Ollie Smile
DOB: 18 July
Sex: M
Location: Manila
Trading Bias: TA (Tsismis Analysis), Early Bords
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: Having a better today than yesterday and hoping for a much brighter tomorrow than today
Name: tongressman albert
DOB: 25 Dec
Sex: Male
Location: Manila
Trading Style: swing trader / momentum trader / tsupitero
Broker/s: 118, 126, 172, 128 and ...
Small Message for SMP: this will soon be the best forumn Big Grin
the key to trading success is to focus on how much money is at risk, not how much money you can make.

trading is simple, but it's not easy. if you want to stay in the business, leave hope at the door, focus on specific setups, and stick to your stops.
RE: Make Your Small Introduction Here
Name: BordZ
DOB: 29 Dec
Sex: Every Friday Texas Grill
Location: Ortigas
Trading Style: Bolang Kristal lang energized monthly / swing trader / momentum trader / tsupitero / PREDICTIONS
Broker/s: 170 203 213
Small Message for SMP: Go with the Vision and Mission...Heart

"The gut-feel of the 55-year old trader is more important than the mathematical elegance of the 25-year old genius."
-Alan Greenspan-
^^...bos, ba't andame? haha, edit ko ha? Smile yung trading style, tama na ba bos? Smile bos to follow na lang rekwes mo sa kulay ha? ok...

Name: nokp
DOB: Oct 1
Sex: Male
Location: Makati
Trading Style: Early Bords
Broker/s: 128, 203
Small Message for SMP: Please continue to help the Filipino Investors
Name: Chemist
DOB: Mar 16
Sex: Male
Location: Mandaluyong
Trading Style: Swing, Money Doubler
Broker/s: 203
Small Message for SMP: More Powers!
Name: vester
DOB: Sep 10
Sex: Male
Location: Cebu
Trading Style: Momentum, Swing
Broker/s: Colelat
Small Message for SMP: Pwd ba ako maging Guru dito?? ahahahaha
when GOD steps in, MIRACLE happens.....

It's more fun in FOREX!!!

Name: Staniel1211
DOB: 11 December
Sex: Male
Location: Manila
Trading Bias: Long Term Stock Holder/ Fundamental
Small Message for SMP: Power!!!
Let us do the things we have not done before to get the things we have not received before.

Chill, Dine and Sing or Hear Acoustic Music in Outram Park Seafood Bar and Grill

Invest in our Aquaculture Industry :Fish to Success

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