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RE: Make Your Small Introduction Here
DOB: Nov. 6
Sex: Male
Location: Cebu
Trading Style: Swing 70%, Momentum (30%)
Broker/s: COL
Name: epgarias
DOB: 14 March
Sex: Male
Location: Cebu
Trading Bias: Technical
Small Message for SMP: Hello World!
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Name: neshem
DOB: September 17
Sex : male
Location : Abu dhabi/Cebu
Trading bias : TA
Broker : COL/BPI trade
Small Message for SMP : go LC! este...more power SMP! Smile
Name: Jojo
Birthday: Oct 12
Occupation: Trader / Real estate broker
Favorite Colors: Red (buying), and Green (selling)
Name: winner888
DOB: 24 May
Sex: Male
Location: Manila
Small Message for SMP: SMP = Super Money Producer.
Name: Pikachu
Hometown: Bulacan
Bday: Feb 15
Name: tommypot
DOB: 15 nov
Sex: boy
Location: bulacan
Trading Bias: tsamba
Broker/s: 203/267
Small Message for SMP: congrats po sa lahat....
Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal (Unknown)

"Leave all things for God but never leave God for all things."

Name: regiman/reginald
DOB: June 25
Sex: Boy
Location: Paranaque
Trading Bias: TA
Broker/s: COL and FMSBC
Small Message for SMP: Hello everyone!
Name: dedandz/dande
DOB: oct 09
Sex: male
Location: cavite/minesite
Trading Bias: longterm investor for now
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: Mabuhay SMP!
small msg to cmmdr: Lurking Champion no more!.. hehe
Name: mcgradyfan
DOB: 18 September
Sex: Male
Location: Manila
Trading Bias: FA selection, then TA entry
Broker/s: 203
Small Message for SMP: Congrats to everyone here!

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