* Next Here * Make Your Small Introduction Here (Guys Lagay Kayo Avatar Pls Thanks)
...just follow the format

Name: Commander Ollie d'Pogi
DOB: 26 January
Sex: Yes I like...este, Male
Location: Manila
Trading Bias: Technical first, Fundamental second, Tips madalas
Broker/s: COL/others
Small Message for SMP: I'm here!!

Name: Gus Casio
DOB: 15 March
Sex: Male
Location: P'que
Trading Bias: Long Term Stock Holder
Broker/s: I. Ackerman
Small Message for SMP: Nandito na rin ako wooohooo!
Name: Amateur_Trader Heart
Dob: July 18, 194gotten Confused
Sex: Male
Location: Earth
Trading Bias: Technical kunwari, Fundamental daw, Accurate Tips (from master ollie d' pogi and company Big Grin), Tsambanalysis Tongue
Broker/s: 203 / 243 /246
Small Message for SMP: "wherever you may go I'll follow" Angel

Name: BigMomma
DOB: Aug. 21
Sex: F
Location: Iloilo City
Broker/s: Abacus/Summit
Small Message: We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails (of trading hopefully thru SMP)
Name: la-cost
DOB: Jan. 22
Sex: 4 times a week, este, Male pala
Location: Laguna by day, Manila by night
Broker/s: BPI/Firstmetro
Small Messagefor SMP: Kung saan ka masaya, Tsuportahan taka!!!
Name: Spyfrat kyutkyut
DOB: buwan ng agosto
Sex: lalaki yata
Location: 10° 41′ 49″ N, 122° 33′ 52″ E
Trading Bias: Technical
Small Message for SMP: Winnie the Pooh u rock my world!!!!
If there's one more gift I ask of you Lord, it will be Peace... Here on Earth.
God is great... all the time
[Image: spyfratlogo.png]
Name : Silverhand "Arthas"
DOB : SEpt 14
Sex: once in while
Style: Early Bordz, Candlestick , E wave , trendsurfing
Name: Ruach
DOB: January
Sex: F
Location: Philippines
Small Message for SMP: I'm here where Commander is! Tongue
DOB : Nov. 8
Sex : Male
Location : Manila
Style : Instinct, Technical, Fundamental, Tsismis ;-)
Name: blitz888
DOB: 23 October
Sex: M
Location: Singapore/Quezon City
Trading Bias: N/A. gut-feel
Broker/s: FMSBC
Small Message for SMP: more power SMP!

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