Identifying Investment vs Trading strategies
(10-29-2011, 10:59 AM)traderWannabe Wrote: Since the strategies greatly differ, opposite in fact on most times, It would be more informative if users could differentiate where posters are coming from.
I'm saying this because some posts would only say, "I'm buying stock X, or I think its a good time to buy in Y etc. etc." Newbies would not know if this was a trading or investment strategy.
i'd say pag-aralan mo yung basics, then find your style.
determine if u are an investor or trader type.
otherwise, kung magbabasa basa ka lang dito without having a 'sufficient foundation' & 'investing/trading identity', malilito ka talaga, dahil u will encounter a variety of traders/investors & LOADS of misinformation/non-pro opinions.

whatever u see here is mostly 'noise' because at the end of the day, u will be trading your own way, anyway.

research, find your style, then balik ka dito. IMHO, this is the best u could do so as not to waste too much time.
if u have questions, feel free to post.... pero spend most of your time developing yourself into the trader/investor u want to be.

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