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News was released May 26, 2011
MRC Allied to ink agreement for $50-million private placement

MRC Allied, Inc. is set to complete a $50-million private placement from European investors next week in London, according to Benjamin Bitanga, president and chief executive officer of the company. In a press briefing yesterday, Bitanga said he is set to sign an agreement next week in London with a group of European investors –mostly Spanish, and some British banks – for a $50 million private placement, the proceeds of which will be used to finance exploration activities in its MRC Tampakan-Kiblawan mine in Kiblawan, Davao del Sur and Columbio in Sultan Kudarat, Mindanao. MRC’s Tampakan-Kiblawan property is adjacent to the $5.9-billion Xstrata Tampakan copper-gold project in Tampakan, South Cotabato. According to Bitanga, under the private placement agreement, an initial tranche of $15 million would be released. The loan would be collateralized with MRC shares at 1.5 x loan value and would carry a 6.8-percent interest rate for one year. A key feature of the private placement is that the investors will be allowed to convert their loan either to MRC Allied shares at 0.78 centavos, or 20 percent lower than market average or they could convert their loan to shares in a new company to be created under a later planned initial public offering (IPO) in London later this year. MRC Allied is planning an IPO offering for the new company later this year to raise an additional $100 million to fund further activities of MRC Tampakan-Kiblawan. Bitanga said MRC is opting to do the planned IPO in London to take advantage of the recent favorable reception of the Glencore offering. He said Glencore owns 32 percent of Xstrata, which in turn controls the Tampakan copper-gold project. “We’re hoping that those who were not able to participate in Glencore will invest in us instead,” Bitanga said. MRC is fast-tracking its exploration activities at its Kiblawan-Tampakan to be able to confirm its resources. Bintanga said if MRC is able to complete it exploration and verify its resources early, it might even end up being wooed by Xstrata since MRC’s property is not covered by the open pit mining ban imposed by the South Cotabato Sangguniang Panlalawigan. MRC is intent to start development activities by 2013. Xstrata is eyeing a 2016 start of operations.
For further readings about Mining Stages, pls visit this site http://www.miningguide.ca/five-stages-mining

For our benefit, the initial stage of Mining is Exploration. Check
So dont jumped right away upon hearing the world mining exploration. For the time being, enhance your emotional maturity. Learn from our mistakes when we navigate the ropes of stock market investment. We learn from you, you learn from us. Stock market investment is a 2-way street.

The highlighted words in the news are the clues. Words that can excite investor's interest. The more you get excited, the more you need to plan your trades or your investments. Emotions will cloud one's investment plans.

Checking the stages of mining. An exploration stage is the initial stage of mining activities. It will take at least 3 years to 10 years before any feasibility decisions are made.

Upon reading the news, what has Glencore have to do with MRC? If it's not hyping, i dont know what it is.

And here's another one. Recent disclosure

other than the planned London listing, they planned too list on australia stock exchange too. The company "NEWCO" as per definition is a generic name used to refer to corporate spin-offs and startups before they are assigned a final name.

Now they disclosed that the initial valuation of this NEWCO is $200M of which MRC have a controlling stake.

My question is, where's the data that merits such valuation? But price is king so to speak. Just dont get caught holding the bag. For newbies with no experience on trading speculative stocks, dont start now. Build a solid foundation of emotional maturity first.
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sa madaling salita basta mrc,atn,cei aba or the word Chucky stock avoid kayo , leave it to the pros, wag kayong papatol sa tikada ng presyo leave chucky stock to idol Spy Big GrinBig Grin
yan ang mga type nyo ni maestro bordz Big Grin
nakikita ko mga tatak nyo e Tongue
If there's one more gift I ask of you Lord, it will be Peace... Here on Earth.
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...hi guys! I wrote this article as a lesson for the day in my Jan 04 Journal Entry for the now defunct Moderator's Journal (soon The Commander's Journal) Big Grin

Mod Ollie Wrote:Anyway, our lesson for today would be about our stock market participants namely those that are in the market for “long” and those that are ”in quick” and “out quick” just like many of us here.

Just like any other stock market, our local stock market has these two kinds of market participants. Those that are in it for the long term and those that are in it for the short term. When we say “long”, that means being invested in the market over a long period of time. Let’s say, 6 months to 10 years? I have seen San Miguel, Petron, Meralco and Ayala Corp. stockholders in attendance during stockholders meeting every year. And oftentimes, I see familiar faces. Most of them got to be familiar to me since they were the same people grabbing the microphone and asking questions to the board of directors. If you guys haven’t attended a stockholders meeting yet, I am strongly suggesting that you do when you get to have the time because it’s fun, and besides, the food is free and there are always freebies being given away.

Most of those that attend stockholders meeting are composed of long term stockholders, this I presume. And most of them are regular people like your average neighbor perhaps. But one thing sure about them is that most of them have held on to their stocks for quite a number of years already and might have forgotten already how much was the price of their stock when they first bought into it. These people have no real idea of what it really feels like to know how their stocks perform day in and day out. These people are simply unaffected by the swings of the market. All they know is that they have their stocks, they know its growing and they are constantly being given dividends. And when they do get to need the money, then that’s the only time for them to finally part with their stock or stock certificates.

The “short term traders” on the other hand, often referred to as “traders” or “players”, are constantly monitoring the market. They are always on the lookout for the next breakout, they are always in search for that stock that would give them the highest return possible on a daily basis. So what these people does are, they make investments in a personal computer, they study technical analysis (TA) as well as fundamental analysis (FA). They are in constant information gathering mode. Scanning newspapers and business articles from the internet and subscribing to newsletters like mod ollie’s journal :

Now let us compare the two. Who do you think earns more? The long term investor or the short term trader? There are advantages to being a long term investor as well as to being a short term trader. A long term investor doesn’t get to have anxiety attacks when his “unmonitored” stocks takes a beating, the short term trader does and sometimes with bad consequences (heart attack or stroke or simply a high blood pressure). But the short term trader oftentimes gets to get out first from a falling market than the long term investor, minimizing his loss in return because of his constant monitoring of the market. Sadly, for some traders, after right guessing a falling market and getting out from it, they stubbornly steps back into it by being drawn back into the market by the “need” to make a trade. Here is yet another disadvantage of a short term trader versus the long term investor, trade addiction. The thrill in trading. But of course all of us here are far from being those kinds of persons.
So, to get back at the question, who earns more? I say the long term investor. Not only does he gets to have a long profit haul (see San Miguel shares bought today after ten years), but the long term investor gets to have more life interaction (we lose two and a half hours of actual human interaction 5 days a week by just staring at a computer and being short term traders………………..but that’s ok ‘coz we are earning Smile or are we?. Big Grin

(06-08-2011, 12:44 PM)Spyfrat Wrote: yan ang mga type nyo ni maestro bordz Big Grin
nakikita ko mga tatak nyo e Tongue
Uy di ako kasama dyan ah si Master B lang ah, yung mga bazooras ko parang initiation ko yun (rite of passage kum baga) to being a full fledge Barracudas Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin kelangan daw matuto akong kumita ke Chucky Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

BoSS SPY Idol... Makikilala mo Rin si Chucky...Heart
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(06-08-2011, 02:55 PM)BORDzTRADAMUS Wrote: BoSS SPY Idol... Makikilala mo Rin si Chucky...Heart
Master recruit mo rin ba si Spy as barracudas?? labas ko na ba yung paddle natin??Big GrinBig Grin

nakuuuu hehehe

para kay boss amat at sa may gustong matuto ng TA at para na rin maka review yung utak namin *gigols*

Support & Resistance
Kayo na guys mag add ng meaning..uwi na muna ako Tongue

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master spy divergence b yan??? hahaha

index below 50MA pero RSI above 50...Huh

TIA idol!Big Grin
..the red line is the resistance line and the green line is the support line, both lines shows a sideways pattern, volume wise, it is on a decline and an rsi approaching 50

...if I am a newbie guided by such basic lines and a trend pattern, I would hold back my buying and wait until the index approaches the green support line at about 4,160 based on chart estimate. If the candle breaches support, we'll go and ask spyfrat what happened Smile


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