A Beginner's "How To" In Stock Investing/Trading
This article is quite informative for the beginners as the writer tries to convey the information in a much easier way how to invest in oline markets that will help the new user or new trader to understand about the online trading in no time. Many people wants to invest in market so this artilce is worth reading for them.
Proper lessons should be provided to the beginners so that they can learn the basics of the market before investing their money. Many beginners get into the path of loss due to the lack of knowledge. So this will encourage the new users to invest in the market after knowing the market more clearly.
(03-17-2016, 07:37 PM)SCALPER Wrote: tama si sir jonvel, congrats nga pala for breaking even, a lot of traders give up before that happens

Hi bro. do you still trade Forex too? if no, why? I think forex has a lot of opportunities and you can earn more than stocks market if you know how to play it. stock market has a steady income, that's correct. but I think Forex has a better future. any other opinions?

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