Asia Amalgamated Holdings Corp.

Asia Amalgamated Holdings Corporation (AAA) was originally incorporated as Sulu Sea Development Corporation on October 7, 1970 to engage in the business of hydrocarbon, petroleum and oil exploration and production in the Philippines, with small mineral exploration interests. Following the change in the majority ownership of the Company from the National Development Corporation to the present majority stockholders, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved on October 6, 1995 the change of the Company's name to Asia Amalgamated Holdings Corporation and its primary purpose to that of a holding company.

During the first few years of its operation as an investment holding company, AAA made significant investments in various businesses such as financial and banking services, distribution of household water filtration equipment and industrial waste water treatment, water transport services, and non-life insurance brokerage. AAA incorporated four subsidiaries, namely, Ecology Savings Bank, Inc., Unikleen International Corporation, Marilag Transport Systems, Inc., and ESBI Insurance Brokers, Inc.

The economic crises that beset the country in 1998, put AAA's main affiliate and major source of business, the Uniwide Group, in a very serious financial problem and made a significant impact on AAA's operations. From then onwards, AAA began to cease the operations of its subsidiaries one by one due to continued financial losses. Beginning the year 2002, none of the subsidiaries had resumed operations.

As of December 31, 2010, AAA and its subsidiaries remained in a non-operating status.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2010)

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Yay Mam Ruach! Nice to hear from you again. Another pump and dump to play with. Wink Based on past broker history mukang may mga naka-pwesto na dito with at least 6 figure positions. I wonder kung may mga taga-SMP na kasama dun sa early speculators. ^^
...bago na naman ceiling? Smile

^^Not yet its time TA wise if you compare it with AAI. AAI wise was good technically before the ceiling plays. I think lang FED is TA good looking than AAA.
mag bibilang na naman ako nito. one good sa mga plays na ganito is that nasisilip mo mga baro nila, whos the who, iilang brokers ba sila, mga ganun *gigols*
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Ito yung para sa assignment niyo dito boss Spy hehe.

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possible mutiple ceilings kaya ito? hehe
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good day.. mga bossing... heard from a friend at PSE that this is one candidate for backdoor ala AAI or both of them..have seen the volume of this stock lately..will this be possible?? multiple ceiling?? top trader?? newbie here.. pwede pa kaya makasakay??hehe.. parang mahirap na ata makapasok.. puro sila sila lang nagbebentahan.
will multiple ceiling possible for this stock..ala AAI swerte naman nila.
@ STAX - imho stay away from basuras.. try to study first Technical Analysis... baka kc masunog.. hirap na.. and always remember if basuras.. sugal allocation lng.. bet what you can afford to lose.. do not go all in.. hihi..
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