Anchor Land Holdings, Inc.

Strong, Steady Anchor

Premium, innovative project offerings are what Anchor Land provides the market.

It was all about putting a premium on personal relationships.

For upscale developer Anchor Land Holdings Inc., there’s really no secret formula behind its success story, except for the fact that while it strives to deliver world class, top quality projects on time, it also places a huge importance on creating strong and lasting relationships with its customers.

This is clearly evident in the way the company espouses a hands-on commitment in all facets of its operations, most especially in dealing with its customers. And this has not changed too, from the time it started its operations more than a decade ago, up to today with its now diversified portfolio spanning across the residential, office, hospitality and leisure estate segments.

Hands on commitment
“Our market gives importance to word of honor. And since what they are buying from us is not some small or cheap commodity, as it is a place where they are going to stay permanently, we invested a lot of our time especially during the time when we were growing the brand. We were doing hands on servicing and management,” explained Anchor Land chairman Stephen Lee.

“By being hands on, we are also always on the loop—we know exactly what our clients and our market needs. And this is very vital particularly in the conceptualization of our developments, and even in the acquisition for our next projects,” he added.

Indeed, the underlying principles of Anchor Land’s business strategy include a commitment not only to innovate and deliver projects on time, but also to provide “an after sales customer service marked by personalattention to detail and a truly caring relationship with all stakeholders.”

“Anchor Land’s business philosophy is anchored on what has become its battle cry: 100 percent commitment. Around this revolves the company’s passion for excellence, relevant and very unique project offerings, continuing improvement of systems and processes, constantly increasing shareholder value and, above all, unwavering focus on customer satisfaction,” Lee explained.

“Anchor Land is particularly proud of its culture of excellence and hands-on style. Its managers see to it that they are at the frontlines, ready to engage and always satisfy clients. Thisaffords the company a veryeffective and real time feedback mechanism that it channelstowards constantly upgrading and fine-tuning its processes,” he further said.

Such a business philosophy is perhaps what allowed Anchor Land to thrive and rise above the challenges it faced in the early years of its business.

At the time it was starting its operations, then as Anchor Properties Corp., Anchor Land had to contend with other more established players that were actively present in Manila.

“We were competing with some good names, but what was good was that we also understood the needs of the market. At the end of the day, people will look at your floor plans, the features and the benefits that they are going to get out of theirinvestment. An advantage for us was the visibility of our executives who, until now, continue to be present even in after sales activities,” Lee said.

Initially finding its niche within the affluent Filipino-Chinese community, Anchor Land has brought modern condo living to Old Manila through afusion of current trends and traditional comforts and practices. The company’s developments take inspiration from upscale condos in major cities around the world while incorporating age-old Feng Shui principles.

Building on the successful formula of its first project, the 33-storey Lee Tower in Binondo which was sold out within 18 months and delivered ahead of schedule in 2006, Anchor Land remains just as dynamic and
aggressive as it takes on even bigger and bolder challenges.

Aggressive expansion
Today, the publicly listedAnchor Land is one of the fastest growing players in Philippinereal estate industry, specializing in the development of sophisticated, luxurious residential condominiums in the metro.

Apart from its completed projects that are concentrated mostly in Manila, the company also has several ongoing developments, with more in the pipeline. These include the multi-tower Monarch Parksuites, with over 8,000 sqm of indoor and outdoor amenities. It is Anchor Land’s biggest residential condominium project, located between the Mall of Asia complex and Entertainment City.

Representing Anchor Land’s first foray in the corporateoffices market, the 12-storey, two-tower Anchor Land Corporate Center is expected to fulfill the growing demand from business process outsourcing (BPOs) companies and other multinational firms in the area.

Along Roxas Boulevard,Anchor Land has the 53-storey Admiral Baysuites that offers residents unobstructed views of Manila Bay. Some units here have been turned over to residents.

Other upcoming projectsinclude the 43-storey Admiral Grandsuites; the five-star Admiral Hotel, a luxury boutique
hotel; and the 63-storey Anchor Grandsuites in Binondo, which is poised to become the tallestcondominium in Manila and all Chinatowns in the world, surpassing the record currently held by Anchor Skysuites, which was turned over in 2015. Also in the pipeline are resort developments in top tourist destinations including Coron, Palawan and Boracay.



Developer par excellence

Anchor Land was cited as one of the Top 10 developers specifically for its high-end, modern residential projects, which include the Anchor Grandsuites in Binondo, Manila.

It was a fitting recognition of its innovations and excellence in property development.

Listed firm Anchor Land Holdings Inc. was recently cited as one of the top 10 developers in the Philippines during the BCI Asia Awards 2018 held at Shangri-La at the Fort last week.

And it really comes as no surprise considering that Anchor Land has long been providing the discerning market with premium developments that cater to their changing needs.

“We are honored to be recognized as one of the top 10 real estate developers in the Philippines,” said Anchor Land president Elizabeth Ventura. “This is a clear demonstration of our strong and 100 percent commitment to our clients in providing high-end, modern and sustainable property developments that responds to their continuously evolving needs.”

“We value BCI Media Group’s recognition of Anchor Land’s top-notch, high-end, modern and sustainable property developments. And we will continue to innovate and come up with unique project offerings in the years to come,” Ventura added.

Anchor Land was cited as one of the Top 10 developers specifically for its high-end, modern residential projects, which include the Anchor Grandsuites in Binondo, Manila which is poised to become the grandest and tallest structure in all the Chinatowns in the world.  This 63-storey luxurious residential property will serve as a testament to the highest aspirations of the Filipino-Chinese and a bold statement of grandeur and innovation.

Anchor Land is also putting up the ultra-exclusive enclave Admiral Grandsuites along Roxas Boulevard that will provide a 360-degree view of the Manila and Makati skylines, and a magnificent view of Manila Bay and its famous sunset. It is set to become another landmark that will surely contribute to the urban renewal of Manila.

Other upscale projects by Anchor Land include the European-inspired, four-tower Monarch Parksuites that sits at the doorstep of the Philippine Entertainment City. This project offers an atmosphere of royalty where residents can enjoy 8,000 sqm of indoor and outdoor luxury amenities.

Another premium development would be the Pre-LEED Gold Certified Anchor Land Corporate Office, a 12-storey mixed-use building strategically located along the bustling Aseana Avenue. This office property will provide modern, upscale spaces to the growing business process outsourcing industry in the Bay City.

Through these projects, along with its other existing and completed developments, Anchor Land is bringing modern condo living to Old Manila through a fusion of current trends and traditional comforts and practices.

All the property developments of the company take inspiration from upscale vertical projects in major cities around the world while incorporating age-old feng shui principles.

Hence, it is just fitting that BCI Asia recognized Anchor Land for such exceptional projects that offer the utmost in luxury and convenience.

The BCI Asia Top 10 Awards recognizes prime real estate developers and architecture firms with the highest value portfolios during the last calendar year. It is held in seven Asian territories namely Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

This prestigious tilt has grown over the years and has since become a label of excellence that recognizes the 10 leading design and development enterprises that have made the greatest contribution to the built environment in the calendar year.

The BCI Top 10 Awards is an exclusive, by-invitation-only event that allows developers and architecture firms to position themselves with top stakeholders in the Construction Market in Asia. It also provides winners an extensive networking platform for elite property developers, architecture firms, engineering consultants, manufacturers and service providers.



In the business of diversity

The Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce Executive Board 2018 is composed of (from left) Simoun Ferrer, GMA Artist Center assistant vice president; Angel Romero, partner and director for creative marketing of Kapuwa Bistro + Urban Pub; shoe designer Brian Tenorio; Evan Tan, cofounder and chief marketing officer of end-to-end online tax assistance platform Taxumo; Anchor Land Holdings PR manager Jeoff Solas; and Amrei Dizon, founder, general manager and creative director of digital content production company Vitalstrats Creative Solutions.

An organization that’s “more heart than hands”—that’s the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce as succinctly described by its chair, shoe designer Brian Tenorio.

While still in its infancy—its incorporation is set to happen within the month—the LGBT Chamber, for the past two years, has been actively organizing events to fulfill its primary purpose: To help more businesses craft policies for a gender-diverse and -inclusive workplace.

“In our talks, we discuss pink-baiting, or how some companies would launch advertisements for the LGBT market to get them to buy their stuff, but don’t have LGBT policies in their offices,” says Tenorio.

“I think [there is lack of policy] because a lot of Filipino corporations are family-owned, and the board, therefore, is usually composed of just family members, and the values of the family are what they follow,” he adds. “Not that there’s anything wrong with being a religious family, for example; that’s great. But a more diverse board would create more policies better appropriated for diversity.”

One of the events the chamber held last month is the Sogie (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression) Executive Session, or SES, a 30-minute forum which gathered over 70 business leaders.

Headed by the chamber’s vice chair for education and research, GMA Artist Center assistant vice president Simoun Ferrer, the group introduced to C-level executives what Tenorio calls “the new gender landscape” through the four Ws of Sogie: what you have; which you have; the way you are; and who you are attracted to.

“We thought, we need a way to explain Sogie to leaders; there has to be an executive summary form. These people have less time and have different concerns,” says Tenorio.

The first W, What you have, pertains to one’s anatomy, says Tenorio.

“If you have a mix of both male and female parts, you are called intersex. Because of the inclusion of intersex, then you understand that it’s not nature vs nurture; sometimes, it’s just nature. It’s not your fault if, for example, you have male parts but lack the hormones,” he says.

The second, Which you have, refers to one’s gender identity.

“Which gender do you identify with? That’s where this comes in—are you a man in a female’s body, or a female in a man’s body?,” he says.

Then there is the Way you are, or your gender expression. According to Tenorio, not everyone who dresses like a woman is a woman, “biologically, in the head, and in the heart.”

The last W, Who you are attracted to, also defines one’s sexuality, says Tenorio, meaning you could be heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.

The SES was held by the LGBT Chamber together with the Embassy of the Netherlands in the Philippines on the eve of IDAHOTB, or the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. Alongside that event, the chamber announced its plan to publish the first Corporate SOGIE Diversity Index (CSDI), which will survey 500 Filipino companies on their diversity policies and benchmark those against that of the global business scene.

The index is set to be released in October, says Tenorio. “There are a lot of international organizations that have very good policies for LGBT, but in Philippine corporations, I don’t hear about it so much.”

Aside from talks, the chamber’s other events include the Emerging LGBT Leaders Program, a workshop for young LGBT leaders, and Pride in Business, a series of networking mixers.

Recently, the LGBT chamber joined coworking space Impact Hub Manila’s regular FuckUp Night events through a talk titled LGBT x Tech.

There, successful LGBT individuals working in the tech industry talked about their failures, and how they overcame these, to be where they are today.

Tenorio says that the chamber’s board members, which include Amrei Dizon, founder, general manager and creative director of digital content production company Vitalstrats Creative Solutions; Angel Romero, partner and director for creative marketing of Kapuwa Bistro + Urban Pub; Jeoff Solas, Anchor Land Holdings PR manager; and Evan Tan, cofounder and chief marketing officer of end-to-end online tax assistance platform Taxumo, are all working as volunteers for the organization.

What unifies them, he says, is their call for diversity, and the mission to create more LGBT leaders in society—especially in business.

“One of the best things I saw on our Facebook page was a guy who posted, ‘Thank you po sa ginagawa ninyo. At least alam namin na pwede pala maging head ng negosyo o kumpanya kahit gay, lesbian.’ (Thank you for what you are doing. At least we know now that one can head a company even if he or she is gay or lesbian.),” says Ternorio. “It’s important that we highlight not just LGBTs who are in business, but also LGBT leaders in business,” Tenorio says.



Anchor Land seeks to boost recurring revenues

ANCHOR LAND Holdings, Inc. is bent on growing its recurring revenue base as it targets to have the segment contribute to a fifth of its revenues by 2021, a top official said.

“We are trying to have at least 20% contribution coming from recurring (revenues) by 2021. (This will be achieved) from our existing commercial development and office development and bed spacing, hotels contribution, so we are targeting to have it to reach 20%,” Anchor Land Chief Executive Officer Steve Li told reporters after the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting last week.

Mr. Li said residential projects currently contribute 90% of its total revenues, while commercial projects account for the remaining 10%.

The upscale property developer has various projects in the pipeline to achieve its targets.

For the hotel and resorts segment, Anchor Land is undertaking the redevelopment of the Admiral Hotel along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City. The hotel is envisioned to meet the shortage in luxury accommodations in both the Entertainment City and Pasay areas, and will be the company’s flagship project in the hotel and resorts category.

The Baylife Venue — Anchor Land’s first tourism and leisure project in the Bay Area, is being positioned to become the largest Chinese seafood restaurant in terms of seating capacity and product offering in the country.

The company is also constructing the two-tower Anchor Land Corporate Center at the Bay City. The LEED-certified building is set to cater to the growing number of business process outsourcing companies in the Bay Area.

Anchor Land is likewise joining the roster of firms that are developing bed space leasing facilities through Cosmo Suites in Pasay City. The project will house around 800 rooms, which are sized at about 21 square meters each. Cosmo Suites is expected to be completed after three years.

“The project is designed to provide for the needs of transients and call center workers from the Entertainment City enclave and nearby areas along Manila Bay. This co-living facility offers a new lifestyle by upgrading the standard living of its residents,” Anchor Land President Digna Elizabeth Ventura said during the stockholders’ meeting.

Outside the Bay Area where Anchor Land’s market is mostly Chinese buyers, the company is also looking to construct a Boracay Hotel and Resort development. Mr. Li said Anchor Land has a 2.6-hectare property in the area, with planning already underway.

Anchor Land will further be developing a hotel and resort in Coron, Palawan. The hotel and resort complex will cater to the demand for luxury accommodation in the popular tourist destination.

Mr. Li said the company will continue to focus on the luxury market moving forward, given the strong demand for properties in the segment.

“There’s a huge demand for the luxury market but you just need to come up with the right product for them… (Investors) are getting more and more sophisticated, they really try to look for value for investment especially the leasing market,” Mr. Li said.

Anchor Land’s net income attributable to the parent dipped 25% to P103 million in the first quarter of 2018, amid a 6% increase in revenues to P1.24 billion.



...nicely done ALHI

Anchor Land’s Manila luxury condo now sold-out

ANCHOR LAND Holdings, Inc. said it has sold-out its luxury residential condominium project called Admiral Grandsuites along the Manila Bay area.

The upscale property developer in a statement over the weekend said it has recently topped off the 43-storey condominium, indicating that it has placed the last beam of the building during construction.

While the listed firm did not disclose the sales value of the entire project, it said each square meter was sold at P167,000 for all 51 units.

Amenities at the Admiral Grandsuites include a function hall, theater room, fitness center, children’s club, garden deck, yoga room, game rooms, KTV room, spa, and wellness rooms.

It has partnered with several consultants, including ASYA Design Partners, Meinhardt Philippines —for consulting services in engineering, BLG Facade Design Consultancy, New Golden City Builders & Development Corp., and Jose Aliling Construction Management for the development of Admiral Grandsuites.

Anchor Land targets to turn over the units to buyers by the fourth quarter of 2019.

The condominium is part of Anchor Land’s Admiral Property, which also houses the 53-storey luxury Admiral Baysuites and the Admiral Hotel.

“Once completed, the Admiral Property will help tell the wonderful history of Old Manila. Both local and international residents and guests will be treated to a culture-rich luxury experience,” Anchor Land President Digna Elizabeth L. Ventura-Sison said in a statement.

The complex is located near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, the SM Mall of Asia, as well as the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp.’s Entertainment City which houses several hotels and casinos like Solaire and Resorts Casino, City of Dreams Manila, and Okada Manila.

Since its incorporation in 2004, Anchor Land has developed mostly luxury residential projects for the Filipino-Chinese community in Manila, Pasay, Parañaque, and San Juan. Residential projects account for 90% of the company’s revenues, while commercial projects provide the remaining 10%.

Earlier this year, Anchor Land Chief Executive Officer Steve Li said the company is working toward increasing recurring revenue base to contribute 20% of total revenues by 2021. In line with this, the company is developing a seafood restaurant called Baylife Venue, a two-tower BPO office called Anchor Land Corporate Center, and a bed space leasing facility called Cosmo Suites. It also has resort developments in Boracay and Coron, Palawan in the pipeline. 



...iba pa rin ang nasa Manila Bay area na condo Smile

Anchor Land groundbreaks P6-B Copeton Baysuites condo

MANILA, Philippines — Anchor Land recently broke ground for Copeton Baysuites, its P6-billion condominium in Bay City.

The project is touted as the biggest tourism district in the Philippines.  It has draswn the attention of both local and foreign investors.

Anchor Land chairman Stephen Lee said the project could provide clients with investment opportunities.

“As the prime mover in Bay City, we are the only upscale developer that offers profitable investment opportunities for potential clients in the area through Copeton Baysuites,” Li said.

The development is set to rise beside City of Dreams Manila and across the future Ayala Mall Bay Area.

Li believes development in Bay City will continue given the growing attractiveness of the area because of its proximity to Pagcor’s Entertainment City, which houses high-end hotels and entertainment centers, such as Solaire Resort and Casino and Okada Manila.

More luxury developments are expected to rise in the booming district, including the Bayshore City Resorts World and Westside City, which will further boost economic activities in the area. 

Li said Copeton Baysuites is the only ultra-luxury residential enclave in Bay City that exclusively offers high- ceiling and future-ready units with two to four bedrooms.

The West Tower is built to provide low-density living spaces for families and top executives. It features two to four spacious bedrooms, strategically facing the landscape of Manila Bay.

Meanwhile, the North and South Towers offer big cuts of studio-type units and two-bedroom spaces and high-end amenities, providing both luxury and comfort to professionals and entrepreneurs.

“Anchor Land’s notable reputation in the industry has been due to our deep understanding of our clients and our impeccable track record in serving their best interests by delivering the minute details of their demands and their grandest preferences,” Li added.

Anchor Land also has two high-end residential properties in Bay City – Sole Mare Parksuites and Monarch Parksuites. For this year, it aims to complete Baylife Venue, which will house the biggest seafood restaurant in the Philippines.



Anchor Land expands residential portfolio

MANILA, Philippines — Publicly listed Anchor Land has expanded its residential portfolio with the turnover of a new upscale property in Manila’s Chinatown.

The project, Oxford Parksuites, is a 39-story condominium building with 210 residential units or only seven units per level.

Anchor Land CEO Steve Li said the project has been a huge success.

“With Oxford Parksuites, we are able to offer residences and amenities designed to provide elevated comfort and convenience to families with offspring who study in nearby schools,” he said.

The project is situated at the corner of G. Masangkay Street, Benavidez Street and La Torre Street, and is in close proximity to a number of Chinese schools in the area.

These are St. Stephen’s High School, Hope Christian High School, Chiang Kai Shek College, Philippine Academy of Sakya, Uno High School and the Philippine Cultural High School.

Li said Anchor Land has a deep understanding of its market in Binondo such as the need for residential projects that are near Chinese schools to cater to the Filipino-Chinese market.

Thus, he said Oxford Parksuites would enable students to thrive in all areas of development.

For instance, he said, upon moving in to Oxford Parksuites, students would have access to the tutor rooms and where they can focus on studying for their exams and working on their requirements.

They can also practice physical activities in other amenities such as the lap pool, the recreation room and the fitness center.



Proposed Parañaque satellite city hall faces Swiss challenge

ANCHOR LAND Holdings, Inc.’s unsolicited proposal to build a satellite city hall with commercial establishments in Brgy. Tambo, Parañaque City may face counterproposals in a Swiss challenge.

In a notice of invitation published in a newspaper on Feb. 4, the City Government of Parañaque said its Public-Private Partnership Selection Committee (PPP-SC) has received and accepted the unsolicited proposal of the original proponent of the project, Anchor Land.

“After completing detailed negotiations, the City is now ready to accept comparative proposals. The project is being undertaken by the City under a joint venture arrangement,” the city government said.

Under a Swiss challenge, other parties are invited to match the bid of the original proponent. The original proponent will then have the advantage to outmatch the lowest proposal in order to secure the project.

The Parañaque government said interested parties should submit their notarized expression of interest (NEOI) until Feb. 26 and may acquire the terms of reference (TOR) for P25,000 at the Office of the City Administrator at City Hall in Brgy. San Antonio.

Interested bidders must be a Filipino citizen or a corporation that is registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission, with at least 60% owned by Filipinos, or part of an existing joint venture or a consortium with 60% owned by Filipinos.

The challengers must also have at least 10 years of experience in real estate, and with developments in Metro Manila. They must also be a major taxpayer and active real estate developer in Parañaque, having launched or started construction on projects in the city in the last five years.

Those with their own property management arm will be given priority.

Interested bidders must also be well-capitalized by at least P1 billion. Challengers must also be able to construct, manage, and operate the commercial establishment. They should also agree to not prevent the award of the project.

The Parañaque city government will conduct an eligibility check to shortlist qualified proponents from Feb. 27-28. Notice of eligibility will be sent on March 1.

A pre-selection conference will be held on March 11 at the Parañaque City Hall.

The deadline for comparative proposals is on March 26. The original proponent can execute its right to match the proposal within 15 days from receipt of notice from the PPP-SC.

If no bidder is seen fit to execute the development, it will then be awarded to Anchor Land.

The original proponent, Anchor Land, was incorporated in 2004, and has developed mostly high-end residential projects for the Filipino-Chinese community in Manila, Pasay, Parañaque, and San Juan. 



Anchor Land bullish on Binondo

ANCHOR LAND Holdings, Inc. (ALHI) is bullish on the Binondo area this year, where it plans to build an office building and an “alternative accommodation” project to take advantage of the high purchasing power of residents in the country’s first business district.

ALHI President Digna Elizabeth L. Ventura said the company has a residential building and an office project lined up in the Chinatown area, banking on the younger generation who would like to conduct their businesses there.

“We’re reviving in fact the Manila CBD (central business district). And, also old Chinatown has to be revived… Because we see the next generation still wanting to do business in the area because that’s where they’re traditionally, culturally more comfortable,” Ms. Ventura told reporters on the sidelines of a press conference by online real estate portal Lamudi Philippines in Makati last week.

Binondo is touted as the center of trade and commerce in Manila, where several Filipino-Chinese businesses are currently located. Other financial districts in the country, such as the Makati CBD and Bonifacio Global City, have however overtaken its development over the decades.

Ms. Ventura said the office spaces, which will be up for sale, will have facilities and amenities that will cater to the younger generation.

The listed property developer will also be developing residential units designed as “alternative accommodations.” Comparable to online hospitality service provider AirBnB, ALHI will be selling fully furnished residential units that will be ready for lease upon turnover.

“We named it ‘alternative accommodation’ because the setup in the unit is already provided: fully furnished and there’s a digital lockset… So whatever the way of renting later on for the convenience of the unit owner is there,” Ms. Ventura explained.

The ALHI executive noted that they enjoy “very good returns” for projects in Chinatown, since most buyers pay in cash instead of going through banks. Meanwhile, investors can get yields of about 11-12% annually.

“The (price) per square is getting better. Less complaints, because it’s just a small community. We’re able to address concerns easily, so easier operations, selling, more profit,” Ms. Ventura said.

The alternative accommodation units will be similar to the company’s project in Davao called 202 Peaklane, which Ms. Ventura noted has received strong interest. Following its launch in December last year, the company has already sold about 200 units in the 28-storey development.

With the strong demand for 202 Peaklane in Davao, ALHI is assessing the development of another project in the city moving forward.

The company will also develop an alternative accommodation project in the Bay Area, located across integrated resort and casino City of Dreams Manila and the soon-to-rise Ayala Malls Bay Area. With this, ALHI will have more than 4,300 units in the Bay Area alone.

ALHI’s net income attributable to the parent slipped 15% to P377.4 million in the first nine months of 2018, as gross revenues also went down by 10% to P3.63 billion during the same period.



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