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JOURNAL ENTRY - MAY 26, 2011 was a good day for the market (or was it?) as stocks leapt up +41.46pts in the first 10 minutes of trade led by ISM (3.11 +6.51%) and MRC (0.73 +4.29%) as top gainers and MBT (70.00 -0.07%), SM (560.00 +1.08%), LC (0.81 -1.22%), AP (28.10 +0.36%) and AEV (39.75 +1.40%) as top most traded.

...OV (0.0210 +16.67%) breached into 0.020 level while AGI (10.28 +0.39%) reversed from its big loss yesterday

...yesterday saw a swath of stocks, notably Index related stocks testing their support levels, now was their day to bounce off that supports

...LC profited from the market's early reversal today as it was able to add more on its gains earlier today but ended up in the negative after tha market's initial bull run weakened.

...the Phisix was still up +47.59 by 10am, continuing to be strong until this time were OV, AGI, SMC (110.00 +2.33%), FLI (1.23 +0.82%) with OV at 0.021

...weakening after trading for as high as 3.16 earlier was ISM (3.11 +6.51%), CEB (85.70 -3.44%) was in steady decline, URC (41.00 -1.20%), AGI, MEG (1.98 -1.49%) fell below 2.0 once again, MA (0.0410 -2.38%), SCC (209.00 -0.95%)

...careful in trading BC (20.00 +25.00%) as it is a treacherous stock 11am, the gains were slashed by -10 pts to +31.20 at 4,221.67 making me think that the initial gains earlier were set for a bull trap. OV remained still a strong stock along with SMC but AGI and MEG has stepped up their slide downwards, LC and CMT (1.40 -2.10%) also retraced

...11:30am Phisix 4,216.04 up +20.54

...11:57 freeze Phisix 4,222.59 up +31.61

...Phisix final close at 4,230.56 up +39.58

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(05-26-2011, 12:35 PM)Ollie Wrote: ...careful in trading BC (20.00 +25.00%) as it is a treacherous stock

Maybe the best entry will be near the deadline of its Quarterly Reporting and when it is completely ignored and sold down. Next quarterly reporting is on or before August 15, 2011. I noticed that BC does a press release regarding its income and the next day, there is the usual price surge especially this year since it is back to profitability after long years of Net Losses.

Do you think the best way to trade this stock is just buy a few shares because so far, it has minimum trades on a daily basis?
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Today was a nice trading day. The market closed up +43.95 pts at 4,274.51

PX (20.70 +8.95%) was the most notable among the traded stocks as it singlehandedly lifted up overall market sentiment into a sustained buying mood. The Phisix was moderately up by just +11.20 pts in the first minutes after the open where we saw PX and ISM (3.29 +5.79%) immediately as notable top gainers. PX price moved up as investors anticipated 2 dividends coming from the company, 1 property and 1 cash dividend (details in the Dividend Observer Thread). ISM, on the other hand, was already on a two day run starting yesterday after news that said that it may invest in a new business from the proceeds of its sale of its assets in Eastern Telecom.

By 10 am, both PX and ISM were still on top among notable gainers with PX breaching the round number 20.00. The breach in price started buying momentum for the overall market and the Phisix moved up 4,253.00 gaining +22.44 pts. The rise caught investors interest for LC (0.87 +7.41%), a stock identified with PX also. Buying momentum spread afterwards, benefitting not only LC but SCC (212.00 +1.44%)as well as AT (17.52 +0.81%) and MA (0.0420 +2.44%).

OV (0.0220 +4.76%) had been on the rise independently from the rest of the rising stocks for the day as well as URC (43.00 +4.88%) whose share appreciation rubed off to JGS (25.80 +1.18%). Only CEB (85.45 -0.29%)remained depressed among the Gokongwei's.

In the Property Sector, MEG's (2.04 +3.03%) performance was equally notable as it stepped in once again back into the 2.00 price levels and probably in high Net Foreign Buy figures.

The overall market performance today is clearly attributable to PX. It also helped that TEL (2,478.0 +1.56%) also ended up in the green.

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Today I got excited with the addition of two new members, genkumag and benson te, that my attention of the market and its ticker got deflected. I was busy with emails with bos benson te of the prudent investors blog asking his permission to publish and to quote from his free newsletter that when he gave me blanket authority, I wasn't able to hold back my happiness Big Grin . And then all of a sudden, there was genkumag. This namehandle "genkumag" has been up there amongst notable and sophisticated market players and traders wth the likes of spyfrat, dragon. miko sayo etc and seeing this name in this site as a new member made me wet my pants Rolleyes

Today was a good day indeed.

Now here's our "deflected" journal entry for today:

The market opened on a positive sentiment today. This, by virtue of a gapped up opening from PX (opened 21.00 from previous close of 20.70). This gapped up opening didn't sit well with me as I would have wanted it to open normally from its previous close and then move forward up in normal expected manner. But that's the market. In due course, PX would retrace back its previous closing price, even piercing thru it, filling thru its gaps from that jumped up opening price. This is good that PX closed its gap but now the candle it has formed is a red one.

Apart from PX (20.75 +0.24%), notable gainers during the first minutes were ISM (3.16 -3.95%) (ISM later closed negative) and AT (17.64 +0.68%), LC (0.86 -1.15%) was to follow suit later on but also ending the day on the downside like ISM.

The Ultra Bazuras group of stocks were actively traded today led by OV (0.0220 unch), as it added once again today on its gains but closing the day unchanged. Other Ultra Bazuras that did well also today were PERC (7.11 +0.57%) and OM (0.0093 +4.49%).

Noticable also was uncle's GEO (0.62 unch) which also closed unchanged also like OV. Uncle is obviously forming a chart pattern on this one. Try to be careful when trading this stock guys ok? Maybe text first uncle to inform him you're getting in Wink

Other notable stocks for the day includes URC (44.00 +2.33%) and SMC
(110.10 +0.09%)
Here's a rundown of the Phisix performance over time today:

At 10 am, Phisix +24.92 at 4,299.43
By 11am, Phisix +13.10 at 4,287.61
11:57 am Phisix +24.28 at 4,298.79
Final close Phisix +24.28 at 4,298.79

Other significant stocks that performed well in the ticker were CMT (1.48 +5.71%) which was looking good, MEG (2.08 +1.96) which went for the green again today and DMC (39.90 -1.24%) which falls from 40.00 again today.

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