Macay Holdings , Inc.
Business Profile:

Macay Holdings, Inc. (MACAY), formerly Maybank ATR Kim Eng Financial Corporation (MAKE), was incorporated on October 16, 1930 as an investment holding company focused primarily on financial services. MACAY currently operates as the listed investment holding entity for Mr. Alfredo Yao and family's carbonated beverage businesses.

The Company's subsidiary, ARC Refreshments Corporation (ARC), is engaged in the business of trading of goods such as beverages on wholesale basis and to operate and maintain the business of bottling, distribution, marketing and sales of "RC Cola"; "RC Cola Free"; "Fruit Soda Orange"; "Juicy Lemon"; "Arcy's Rootbeer"; and "Seetrus." ARC is also engaged in toll manufacturing, currently bottling "Extra Joss" for Asiawide Kalbe Philippines, Inc. MACAY, through ARC, operates nine bottling plants in various locations throughout the country.

On August 15, 2015, MACAY acquired 100% of ARC Holdings Inc. (ARCHI) from the Yao family to serve as an investment holding company.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2016)

Incorporated on October 16, 1930, ATR KimEng Financial Corporation (ATRK) is an investment holding company focused primarily on financial services. The Company?s businesses are divided into segments consisting of capital markets, insurance, and real estate.

ATRK's capital market business is led by its subsidiary, ATR KimEng Capital Partners, Inc. (ATRKE Capital), which serves as a full-service investment bank focused on capital raising (equity and debt), debt restructuring, financial advisory, mergers and acquisitions, and direct equity investments. ATR KimEng Securities, Inc., a subsidiary of ATRKE Capital, is the securities brokerage unit of the ATRK. ATR KimEng Asset Management, Inc. and Tullet Prebon Philippines, Inc. are also part of ATRK's capital market segment.

In the insurance segment, the Company gained a direct 100% ownership in AsianLife & General Assurance Corporation (ALGA) by purchasing in 2010 the 22% shareholding of Sovereign Global Resources Limited. ALGA is a composite insurer offering both life and non-life insurance, while ALFA provides quality life insurance packages for individuals.

ATRK's real estate business is focused on ATR KimEng Land, Inc., which is currently developing TRIbeca Private Residences, a joint venture project with Landco Pacific Corporation.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2010)

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This Company will have a new Corporate name: Maybank ATR Kim Eng Financial Corporation.

Ma'am Ruach,
Change in name? does it mean na parang backdoor ng Maybank?

Or with the latest news, will this be a holding company of all their business here in the PH?

kung lumiit ang float, madali na i-push eto
Posted on December 09, 2011 06:58:53 PM

Kim Eng raises stake in tender offer

SINGAPORE-BASED Kim Eng Holdings Ltd. (Kim Eng Holdings) has raised its stake in ATR KimEng Financial Corp. (ATR KimEng) through a tender offer in October.
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up ko lang change name to MAKE


PD: None
...ok, ito na pala yun...will change the name accordingly

(11-29-2011, 04:40 PM)Ruach Wrote: Com,

This Company will have a new Corporate name: Maybank ATR Kim Eng Financial Corporation.

...last year pa yung message ni madam

meron na pala. hehehehe
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#9, singkwento porsiento pala ito...tindeh Big Grin peram naman ng shares Big Grin

walang gusto magbenta. naka pako sa 9.00

swerte naman ng nakakuha nito.
Tara, samahan mo ako. Biyahe tayo...

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