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EURUSD, &ldquo Euro vs US Dollar&rdquo

EURUSD has broken the low of the continuation pattern at 1.2195 and right now is still trading downwards inside the third wave with the target at 1.1900. Possibly, today the price may continue trading to the downside to reaching 1.2077. Later, the market may form another consolidation range, break it, and then continue moving downwards to reach 1.1990.

GBPUSD, &ldquo Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar&rdquo

GBPUSD has formed another consolidation range near the lows. Today, the price may break them and then continue trading to the downside to reach the short-term target at 1.3800.

USDCHF, &ldquo US Dollar vs Swiss Franc&rdquo

USDCHF is still moving upwards the target is at 0.9916. After that, the instrument may form another consolidation range. If later the instrument breaks this range to the upside, the market may continue growing to reach 70.00 if to the downside &ndash start another correction towards 0.9750.

USDJPY, &ldquo US Dollar vs Japanese Yen&rdquo

USDJPY is still consolidating around 108.99. Possibly, the price may fall towards the downside border at 108.50 and then resume growing to break the upside one. The target is at 109.80.

By - Fx Street
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INTRADAY BUY  GBP/CAD  ABOVE 1.7705: TGT-1.7725-1.7755 : SL – 1.7670

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News has huge impact on the Forex trade as the price of the currency is dependent on the future policy of the countries, inflation rate, economical data releases, and political stability. So, as a trader, we need to keep an eye on all of these factors. Thanks!

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