Successful SMP Charity Held Last May 26 Saturday Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral, ILOILO. Thank You Donors

Forex Signals Updates
Currency pair level of 21-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1603 R2-1.1634 S1-1.1538 S2-1.1506
USDJPY R1-110.60 R2-110.84 S1-109.98 S2-109.61
GBPUSD R1-1.3212 R2-1.3250 S1-1.3140 S2-1.3108
USDCHF R1-0.9985 R2-1.0009 S1-0.9937 S2-0.9913
AUDUSD R1-0.7396 R2-0.7425 S1-0.7353 S2-0.7338
Big Grin 
Currency pair level of 22-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1656 R2-1.1708 S1-1.1530 S2-1.1456
USDJPY R1-110.56 R2-110.13 S1-109.63 S2-109.26
GBPUSD R1-1.3308 R2-1.3375 S1-1.3138 S2-1.3035
USDCHF R1-0.9971 R2-1.0024 S1-0.9882 S2-0.9845
AUDUSD R1-0.7401 R2-0.7423 S1-0.7351 S2-0.7324
Currency pair level of 23-June-18
EURUSD R1-1.1688 R2-1.1720 S1-1.1611 S2-1.1567
USDJPY R1-110.22 R2-110.44 S1-109.79 S2-109.58
GBPUSD R1-1.3309 R2-1.3352 S1-1.3230 S2-1.3195
USDCHF R1-0.9915 R2-0.9950 S1-0.9859 S2-0.9838
AUDUSD R1-0.7471 R2-0.7496 S1-0.7398 S2-0.7349

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