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GBP/USD: Sterling falls to fresh 2018 lows ahead of April inflation data

Sterling is trading down 0.4% at around 1.3380 against the US Dollar on Wednesday ahead of the UK inflation that is expected to decelerate to 2.3% y/y in April confirming the dovish outlook of the Bank of England confirmed on Inflation Report hearing in the UK parliament on Tuesday.
Adding to the pressure was the US President Trump that soured the market sentiment by threats of imposing severe penalties on ZTE Corp amid ongoing US-China trade talks.

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Yen May Continue Gaining after Trump Auto Probe Unnerved Markets
  • Asian stocks off to a rocky start Thursday, Nikkei 225 falls and Japanese Yen gains
  • Donald Trump ordered probe on auto imports, North Korean summit more unlikely
  • USD/JPY appears to be turning lower following a warning sign and uptrend break
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USD/JPY: US Dollar fight back as market sentiment improves

The US Dollar is trading up 0.2% at around 109.50 against the Japanese Yen as the risk-off sentiment on the markets disipates at the end of the week, while Japan’s core inflation missed the expectations rising only by 0.5% over the year in Ku area of Tokyo in May.

Support levels: 109.00 108.65 108.30
Resistance levels: 109.90 110.25 110.60

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NZD/USD capped at 0.6940, bearish head-and-shoulder in the making

R1 0.6932 R2 0.6953
S1 0.6899 S2 0.6885

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EUR/USD rallies remain tepid below 1.1996 – Commerzbank
According to Karen Jones, Head of FICC Technical Analysis at Commerzbank, occasional rallies in the pair should be of low impact while below 1.1996.
R2 - 1.1764  R1 - 1.1706
S1 - 1.1617 S2 - 1.1587
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Today's Level BY- Fx Street

EURUSD R1-1.1701 R2-1.1777 S1-1.1577 S2-1.153

GBPUSD R1-1.3337 R2-1.3363 S1-1.3291 S2-1.3271

USDJPY R1-109.76 R2-110.1 S1-109.15 S2-108.89

AUDUSD R1-0.7573 R2-0.7600 S1-0.7529 S2-0.7513

USDCHF R1-0.9959 R2-0.9983 S1-0.9909 S2-0.9885

USDCAD R1-1.3024 R2-1.3055 S1-1.2961 S2-1.2929

EURGBP R1-0.8778 R2-0.8824 S1-0.8706 S2-0.8679
Currency pair level of 30-may-18
EURUSD  R1-1.1616  R2-1.1693 S1-1.1486  S2-1.1433
GBPUSD  R1-1.3315  R2-1.3381 S1-1.3193  S2-1.3138
USDCHF  R1-0.9982  R2-1.0050 S1-0.9848  S2-0.9782
AUDUSD  R1-0.7540  R2-0.7575 S1-0.7484  S2-0.7462
EURGBP  R1-0.8736  R2-0.8761 S1-0.8692  S2-0.8673
Currency pair level of 31-May-18
EURUSD R1-1.1721 R2-1.1777 S1-1.1563 S2-1.1462
GBPUSD R1-1.3317 R2-1.3346 S1-1.3251 S2-1.3214
AUDUSD R1-0.7613 R2-0.7654 S1-0.7503 S2-0.7435
NZDUSD R1-0.7031 R2-0.7074 S1-0.6914 S2-0.6840
CHFCAD R1-1.3135 R2-1.3250 S1-1.2940 S2-1.2860

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Currency pair level of 1-June-18
USDJPY  R1-109.10 R2-109.38 S1-108.46 S2-108.11
USDCHF R1-0.9861 R2-0.9934 S1-0.9822 S2-0.9787
USDCAD R1-1.3029 R2-1.3099 S1-1.2853 S2-1.2747
EURGBP R1-0.8812 R2-0.8830 S1-0.8767 S2-0.8739
EURJPY  R1-127.87 R2-126.51 S1-126.47 S2-125.69
Currency pair level of 05-June-18

USDJPY   R1-110.00 R2-110.19 S1-109.50 S2-109.19  
GBPUSD R1-1.3377 R2-1.3441 S1-1.3273 S2-1.3231
NZDUSD R1-0.7060 R2-0.7091 S1-0.6987 S2-0.6946
CHFJPY   R1-111.53   R2-111.90 S1-110.70 S2-110.24
GBPJPY   R1-146.79 R2-147.38 S1-145.72 S2-145.25

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