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When I was choosing the platform, I also paid attention to the fact that all the main competitors offer in some cases bigger payout rate but in average everyone is pretty much the same. Instead, here I like the platform. That’s why personally I don’t care. The payouts objectively high, there is everything necessary for the trading... The only thing left is to master the strategy – and be ready to harvest the profits XD.
It's good to remember that Olymp Trade also allows forex trading – as far as I know,not many competitor’s offer such an opportunity ( I mean the leading options brokers). And the forex brokers which offer options, as well as a rule, have miserable platforms, and the payout would be lower.
Ha-ha-ha, you are still talking about your forex Big Grin Well, not everyone likes to trade on forex. For me Olymp Trade – it’s first of all the broker for digital options, this is why I came here, to trade the options, this is kind of platform I was looking for. I was trading on forex earlier, with other brokers on MT4, but it didn’t go that well for me…

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