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If only... Most crypto-coins, unfortunately, aren’t in demand and will definitely die out. How else? Now everyone announce their coins. Even Kanye West has its own crypto-coins!
Investment is a long time and the prices are unlikely to grow. A chance to miss is very big. Many people say that bitcoin will not last long. Surely it will be bypassed by some other coin and then it will collapse. An unpleasant scenario, of course, but this is an extra incentive to look for ways to make money from trading. Faster and safer ways than just sitting, hoping and waiting.
Ok, let’s suppose that. And what’s the binary options broker has to do with it? Options are a risk!
(01-10-2019, 09:57 PM)Braith Wrote: I checked out a couple of lessons on the demo account, but I didn't understand whether it's more profitable to trade forex or options. When trading options you might get overexcited, and it's not always good. And I still don't understand, why aren't there any spreads here?

I also had the same problems when I got into options, it was very profitable but very suspicious as well. But when trading forex, nothing was suspicious because all the money was for me and me only and that there was a buy and sell rate for them as well, so it was confortable trading on the forex market. For the question of the spread, there are  three basic classes of spreads are the vertical spread, the horizontal spread and the diagonal spread. They are categorized by the relationships between the strike price and expiration dates of the options involved.

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