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Free air Displacement7.2m3/h (120L/min)
Ultimate Pressure-700mmHg(-92Kpa)
Temp Tange5-40℃
Insulation gradeB
Cold insulation≥100MΩ
resistance (normal)
Dielectric strengh1600V/50Hz 1min
no breakdown
Thermal protectorautomatic reset
Installation dimensionL203*W112mm
(Mounting hole∮7mm)
Reset Pressure0KPa
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The front of  hand air pump
The side of  hand air pump
The behind of  hand air pump
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1.Keep the pump clean and prevent foreign matter from entering it.
2.Keep the oil level. Do not keep it running without oil.
3.Keep the oil clean. If it becomes dirty, muddy or has water or other volatile substances which affect limit vacuum the oil should be replaced. Before replacing the oil, start the pump and have it run about 30 minutes to make the oil thin and then stop it and let out the oil from the oil-outing mouth. Then have it run for 1-2 minutes with the gas-entering mouth open. During this time, add a small quantity of clean oil from the gas.Entering mouth so as to replace the remaining oil in the pump. Do it repeatedly. After making sure the pump is clean put on the oil-outing screw plug and then fill clean pump oil to the oil-level line from the oiling mouth.
4.If it is not in use for long, cover the oiling cap and exhaust cap and put it in a dry place. Meanwhile, damp proof and anti-rust should be considered.
5.If it needs removing and fixing is sure to have an experienced or professional technician one does it.
1.Do not pump inflammable, explosive and poisonous gases.
2.Do not pump gases which can corrode metals and can exert chemical changes with the pump oil.
3.Do not pump gases containing pellet dust and gases with plenty of steam.
4.The temperature of the pumped gas should not be over 80° and the environment temperature should be 5 - 6.
5.Do not use it as a compression or a convey pump.
6.Do not use or operate without oil.
7.Do not pull on the wire when unplugging from the outlet.
8.Do not put heavy weights on the wire to avoid being extruded.
9.Do not use when the plug or outlet if it is damaged.
10. Do not plug or unplug with your wet hands.
11.Unplug or switch off the machine when there is any kind of leak of coal gas.
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