Pseget Historical Data from 1999 to present worth of csv files
Pa-help po, ayaw ata magwork ng PSE get. I installed ver2.1 (ayaw ma-install ver3), downloaded all the other files na rin (support file, optional data file)

Used this location-
and also changed it to 2012, pero ayaw mag-convert

Ayaw din gumana yung historical data. Or bka im doing something wrong. Saan po makikita after ma-download ang historical? Na-set ko na output directory pero wala doon sa folder.

Sensya na po, I'm not a techie and I'm lost.
Just wanted to do simple basic file compilation lang sana.
Kailangan po ba ng amibroker in order to view the files?Big Grin

I suggest getting the version 3 as fix na yung mga issues/bugs ,yung version 2 historical data hindi na rin kase gumagana

Download and install this files
Pseget v3

Install this files as they are needed for PSEGET to work
.Net Framework 4

If you are using windows XP you have to install alot more files as patches and files needed in XP before PSEGET 3 will work ,You can just google the necessary files and download them ,I can no longer emulate what files to be downloaded using windows XP ,but you can tell me the errors and what files required and will try to help you.

Lastly just change the download address to
gudpm sir S,
di ko po ma-install yung ver3
ito po yung message:
"the system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation"

maraming beses ko na try, ayaw talaga, just now, i tried again turning off the firewall first, pero ayaw pa rin.

im using win7 64bit pala. bka hindi po sya compatible dito?

Try this steps
Download the pseget v3 64bit version

Once you download you should left click the installer and click run as administrator

[Image: 5-9-20121-17-42AM.png]

It should install ,If not the only thing I can think of is that your access or account is being restricted to install this application and you need to access as system administrator.

About the .csv files you can access/open them by using MS excel ,You can use them in amibroker for charts

If ever you can't install them in the pc you are using ,You can download them in the first page and post of this thread and you can download data from 1999 to the date i've uploaded csv files. Hope this helps Smile
ok sir, i'll try to figure out how, thank you and hope you have a happy birthday!
(02-08-2012, 10:12 AM)Silime Wrote: Guys when I was trying to figure out how to find the old data's which kamikaze_007 was looking for ,I tried to look for the answer ,I remembered I tried to download historical data before but it did'nt work using the old version.

So first you have to download the latest pseget version 3 r5 found on this link

After that just follow this tutorial from this link ,Its under "Downloading Historical Data"

The last thing is to change the download from to ""
and your ready to download the historical data from 1999 to present

Here's the data from 1999 to 2/6/12 Smile (Click here to start download from sendspace)
,Some csv files have todays (2/7/2012) data because when I was downloading it today the data for today became available so please still download the csv files for today that's on my previous post 2/7/12 .csv files so that you'll have complete data.

To download everyday csv files you can refer to this thread

Please backup your data first as it might conflict when you apply this.

You can also download csv files after 2/6/12 to the time I've updated the data to the first post of this link

[Image: ea8e9a2517968a97f9d7d91ec2113ae8.png]

salamat dito @sir Silime. i have complete data now.

im just using pseget 2.1.4, working naman. what i do is change the download link to the corresponding year na gusto ko makuha na data. but this file you uploaded here is like a shortcut to us all.

by the way, sino gumagamit ng metastock dito? parang 2 years worth of data lang kaya nya buksan in offline mode, while sa amibroker, lahat ng date kaya buksan.
off topic...
Download link ( on PSEget for the current date no longer works? would it be because the old website is now closed?

what is the new download link?

I tried this link ( where the new quotes are kept but pseget does not download data.

thanks in advance! Smile

Use this instead:
boss yeahbah,

which version of pseget works with older pdf files - 2010jan04_stockquote?


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Version 2 and 3.

Unfortunately, old report files are no longer available for download. PSE only keeps newer files. One year worth or less (I think).

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