Traders' Charity Projects Gallery
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Pls don't follow me....I'm lost too! hehe

Pls don't follow me....I'm lost too! hehe
(02-14-2012, 02:43 PM)Ollie Wrote: ...most of the best pictures of the 2009 charity event have been incorporated already in the video presentation in the first post so off we go now to the 2010 charity work gallery

[Image: Picture053-1.jpg]

[Image: Picture052-1.jpg]

[Image: Picture032-1.jpg]

[Image: Picture031-1.jpg]

[Image: Picture030-1.jpg]

[Image: Picture029-1.jpg]

...the event was a charity drive for school supplies and was done June 2010, I was accompanied by a good friend which doesn't want to be named Big Grin haha
you are really doing good work. this type of all work appreciates other people to do such type of work. I am happy and motivate to your work. Rolleyes  well done and keep it up.

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