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broken major support around 8.8 w/ volume and is poised to break the 200MA next week. i think its due for technical rebound as soon as it touches its downtrend support line. initial tp at previous support around 8.8 now acting as resistance. Smile
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sir dalmacio, pareho tayo ng basa sa trendline, buti think may support pa sya at 8.00, next support at 7.4 (100% retraced na)
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stock market abbreviations (for newbies)

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LR is a buy
kapg bumagsak pa sa lunes possble to hit 7.75 hnggang 7.4 estimated.
TP near 8 or 8 above sa ngaun muna
observe price action

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may mga code words kayo dito... sorry, now lang ako nag forum for stocks. solo flight ako dati. i didnt know meron palang forum for stocks... whats TP?
TP - Target Price
so much thanks for you!
starting to climb up.... tuloy2x na sana.
tag team ito ni BEL... hehe.
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...isama mo na si APC sa team, at si SINO pa pala
On May 26 Saturday at 9AM, SMP Charity na! Venue: Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral, ILOILO. Thank You Donors.

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nice action today....last minute ang price activity..hope me continuation bukas Smile

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