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May 19 SMP Anniversary EB Roll Call

Thanks for completing your registration for the SMP EB/Seminar. If you have already paid, and your name is not listed, kindly contact the admin immediately.

1. Admin Mistah Lim (paid oli)
2. Admin Ollie (paid oli)
3. Japyness (paid oli)
4. Magellan (paid oli)
5. chu (paid oli)
6. glencute (paid - glen)
7. davidyu (paid oli)
8. Luc23 (paid oli)
9. dilis (paid oli)
10. ginhawa the master rockstar (paid oli)
11. Face / Off (paid oli)
12. Onerockstar (paid oli)
13. jadriano (paid oli)
14. Merda de Dragao (paid oli)
15. jhaytrade (paid oli)
16. rey@mme (paid oli)
17. hector28 (paid oli)
18. GAP (paid oli)
19. staneil1211 (paid oli)
20. amateur_trader (paid oli)
21. amateur_trader friend (paid oli)
22. shoegazer (paid oli)
23. masada (paid oli)
24. thespeculator (paid oli)
25. pivotdoji (paid oli)
26. jong26 (paid oli)
27. dmar (paid oli)
28. sponsor #1 (francis IRL) (paid - glen)
29. sponsor #2A (lucky IRL) (paid - glen)
30. sponsor #2B (euc IRL) (paid - glen)
31. sponsor #3A (philip) (paid - glen)
32. sponsor #3B (miko) (paid - glen)
33. sponsor #3C (kris) (paid - glen)
34. sponsor #3D (thom) (paid - glen)
35. sponsor #3E (kiko) (paid - glen)
36. guest of glenchuy (kim) (paid - glen)
37. guest of glenchuy (art) (paid - glen)
38. guest of glenchuy (con) (paid - glen)
39. guest of glenchuy (gi) (paid - glen)
40. guest of glenchuy (mishi) (paid - glen)
41. Onin (paid oli)
42. Chanerm (paid oli)
43. Edwilljoyce (paid oli)
44. Señor Genkumag (paid oli)
45. Friend ni Senyor Genkumag (paid oli)
46. freelanxer (paid oli)
47. harbingerdeath (paid oli)
48. TheGame (paid oli)
49. 3SDGL (paid oli)
50. citizen01 (paid oli)
51. thepianolover (paid oli)
52. thepianolover's Friend #1 (paid oli)
53. thepianolover's Friend #2 (paid oli)
54. thepianolover's Friend #3 (paid oli)
55. Cooper (paid oli)
56. madsjmd (paid oli)
57. jhayechan (paid oli)
58. pots98b (paid oli)
59. Guest Maverick_Sean (paid oli)
60. Nosteng (paid oli)
61. jugo03 (paid oli)
62. glendy mendoza (paid oli)
63. neil castro (paid oli)
64. muzikerodude (paid oli)
65. jogitz (paid oli)
66. scorpion888 (paid oli)
67. rong6779 (paid oli)
68. jaydee (paid oli)
69. cleene (paid oli)
70. akucjukku (paid oli)
71. akyatpunogang (paid oli)
72. JRP Deo Pante (paid oli)
73. El Toreros (paid oli)
74. jonjonr (paid oli)
75. enk (paid oli)
76. linxx (paid oli)
77. adolfjuver (paid oli)
78. BB168 (paid oli)
79. savedbygrace00 (paid oli)
80. savedbygrace00 friend (paid oli)
81. kinky (paid oli)
82. Knight (paid oli)
83. egaygm (paid oli)
84. Bond_007 (paid oli)
85. frkbooster (paid oli)
86. goldcambist/XXX (paid oli)
87. rdelapas70 (paid oli)
88. parakitou (paid oli)
89. Chemist (paid oli)
90. Chemist friend (paid oli)
91. Bishoumen (paid oli)
92. Petebb (paid oli)
93. guest of glenchuy (mike) (paid -glen) 
94. carlotraders carlo cena (paid oli)
95. christoper allan panebe (paid oli)
96. karen panebe (paid oli)
97. oakbender (paid oli)
98. oakbender brother (paid oli)
99. rampaging bull (paid oli)
100. superkahlel (paid oli)
101. butchick (paid oli)
102. Radavel (paid oli)
103. Eggstyan (paid oli)
104. CaMoTe (paid oli)
105. regiman (paid oli)

1. Guest Sgm (reserved)
2. Admin Aiu1225 (reserved)
3. Mod Cha-Cha (reserved)
4. Honorary Lolo John (reserved)
5. Legendary Bordz (reserved)
69. Spyfrat (reserved)
7. PSE1 (reserved)
8. PSE2 (reserved)
9. PSE3 (reserved)
10. guest of glenchuy (colboy 1)
11. guest of glenchuy (colboy 2)
12. kwtri - special reservation
13. facelesstrader
15. guest of glenchuy (absolut D)
16. guest of glenchuy (absolut R)
17. CaMoTe
18 guest of glenchuy (francis M)
19. Benson "prudentinvestor" Te

1. fco2783
2. jobertsome
3. jeckgo
4. jtuc
5. Jerome Peralta
6. napoleon
7. sisid118
11. guest of glenchuy (ollie IRL)
12. sisid118
13. bossnorman
14. jmf
15. Bazeek
16. bullseye
17. gibspointe
18. moyzee22
19. Ace
20. gobulls7


[Image: MICROTEL.jpg]

* mods will update the list

RUNNING THEME: "Penny Stocks: Avoiding the Pump and Dump Trap"
Who: Spyfrat, Ollie, Guest Speakers, Beautiful Pipol of SMP
Where The Function Room, Microtel at the MOA Complex, Pasay City
When: Saturday, 19 May 2012, 4pm - 10:30pm
Registration: Early Bird rate of php880 for first 50 registrants, succeeding is php1000.

3:45 - 4:00pm - Registration/Set Up Venue
4:00 - 4:45pm - Opening of the EB Event, Induction and Recognition of Members, Pichur pichur, beso beso, mwah mwah
4:46 - 5:00pm - Guest Speaker (PSE)
5:01 - 5:15pm - some words from our sponsor (Calata)
5:16 - 6:30pm - Guest Speaker (COL)
6:31 - 6:40 :- some words from our second sponsor (TBA)
6:40 - 8:00pm - Guest Speaker (SPY)
8:01 - 8:15 :- some words from our third sponsor (Nieves)
8:15 - 9:00pm - some words from the commander: SMP Charity Project
9:01 - 10:30pm - open forum, Pinoy Henyo, Pin the Tail on the Jukiy, Trip to PSE or other parlor games
10:30pm - Adjourn

snacks: clubhouse sandwich with potato chips, drinks
buffet dinner
appetizer: bread station
soup: cauliflower veloute with croutons
salad: assorted greens with condiments
hot items: grilled steak, pan roasted fish in mornay sauce, pasta amatriciana, sauteed brocolli in garlic and chili, steamed rice
carving station: porkloin tuscan style
dessert: fresh fruits, cheesecake squares
drinks: iced tea

...usual kind hearted SMP people wishing to help out in the EB by sponsoring for the event in their own way, donation or whatever, pictures lang ng EB kapalit ng help nyo as usual. Thanks again.

...need pa nga pala ng sound system and projector, so, somebody out there pls help also, thanks. Tukayo, if you can read this Big Grin can pay thru card thru paypal or bank dep., pm for details.

Donation Drive for SMP 2018 Charity has started, pls contribute/share your blessings. FREE Subscription to The HINT Newsletter to all Donors.

Facebook Link to our last 2017 SMP Charity Pictures
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...yan, sign up na kayo
Donation Drive for SMP 2018 Charity has started, pls contribute/share your blessings. FREE Subscription to The HINT Newsletter to all Donors.

Facebook Link to our last 2017 SMP Charity Pictures
1. Ollie
2. Onin
1. Ollie
2. Onin
3. Japyness
Ang Na Ang Na Sulakihin Somaskidot Moko Moko!

(03-30-2012, 05:39 PM)japyness Wrote: Attending
1. Ollie
2. Onin
3. Japyness
4. Magellan


Moderate Greed is Good

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Join ako jan
sali din ako...pending EB venue and details
Sama ako jan!.. Big Grin
~In all your ways, acknowledge God.

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Ano po ibig sabihin ng EB? hehe
(03-30-2012, 09:50 PM)jobertsome Wrote: Ano po ibig sabihin ng EB? hehe

it means eyeball or meetup (in this modern-day internet lingo). reminiscient of a much older era of phone-pal'ing and ham radios.

when were born, buddy, if i may ask? hehehe.

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