"STOCK MANIPULATION": A Must Read For Newbies
for me ok lng maging contrarian sa mga guru / teacher at felllow forumer... kaya nga may forum tayo,,, just always remember the word RESPECT kahit magkaiba kayo ng views...

plus one kay specs... i agree 100%

@ comm O... nice editorial.. Big Grin

OT : sana ung mga tumira sa mga past few ceilings.. tirahin nyo na din c FBI.. lol.. kahit tatlong ceilings lng ay msaya na kami ni RH.. Tongue
when GOD steps in, MIRACLE happens.....

It's more fun in FOREX!!!

...I think I owe the lady an apology...I am so sorry...sent a PM na to her, hope she reads it...just got carried away with the slapping thing kasi I thought tapus na yung mga magpapadala sa akin ng mga reklamo about ipits...like I said its all your money guys, if you want to buy them hyped stocks, its your call

..vester is also right, I don't have monopoly of opinions here at SMP, you can post your replies...I just can't stand yung deliberate manipulation through persuasive influencing ng ibang tao, and I may be wrong also...so there you go...

...vester thanks


..here, I'm just gonna bombard you guys with the pump and dump until you guys learn Confusedmiles: I owe it to the lady

...would have been better if we don't know who is doing it, at least that way we can just shake our heads and take it in stride...just try to be careful the second time around lady member

nice post Sir Ollie, only veterans/professional traders can ride on that stock, or else you will be ultimately " IPIT's " if not played well. Big Grin
" A true Man embraces defeat and look forward for his Glory."

PD: none at the moment. 100% buying power.
...not posting this for the veterans hector, its for the non-veterans out there...also for the blind

Thanks for the editorial Ollie. Nice read (buti na lang binasa ko Tongue). In fairness to that guru, nung 2007, matulungin pa yan sa mga newbie traders. He even gives quizzes to help you learn a couple of things about the market. Yun nga lang, nung naglaon, napariwara na ng husto, at yung mga newbies ang sinasagasaan na. Buti na lang dito sa SMP, bawal ang mga guru. Kaya love ko tong forum na to e.
Me too 2nd the motion for GAP. :-)
The most important part of your trades and investments shall be ---- what you think of your money, and how the others think about theirs.
Com O, +1 for you.. galing mo na writer talaga!
the key to trading success is to focus on how much money is at risk, not how much money you can make.

trading is simple, but it's not easy. if you want to stay in the business, leave hope at the door, focus on specific setups, and stick to your stops.
Ang galing mo Sir Ollie.
I was witness to all that...

I was part of that group, joined his seminar, earned some, lost some.
Often people are blinded by money that they forget themselves.
You were blamed many times for his actions and that is very unfortunate.

I moved from newsletter to newsletter but I learned that I earned the most, or lost less, by choosing my own stocks, and making the decision to buy and sell on my own.

I admire you for taking a stand. I am glad that you decided to open SMP ....

My kind regards...
great read boss ollie! i know u believe in karma! hahahaha

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