"STOCK MANIPULATION": A Must Read For Newbies
(03-20-2015, 07:37 AM)shimatta8 Wrote: madaming lesson dito sa thread na to at warning para sa mga bagito para makaiwas sa mga bitag sa tabi2. hehehe

Salamat mga bossing sa mga pa-alalà

Mag change name narin kaya ako. Forever na akong bagito Big Grin .
As I can see, it is quite easy to manipulate public opinion. Especially, this is pretty easy to do with the news. Therefore, I always check different news websites at the same time, especially if it is about financing. Some people can actively use news for profit in trading. In order to understand how true the posted information is, it is necessary to analyze several factors. The problem is that most users are not ready to spend their time on such fact-checking. Even worse is the fact that journalists do not always do this.
The method that I use to verify the reliability of the news involves comparing news from new and unverified sources with what is published in closed news feeds. Fake news and press releases usually contain errors and inconsistencies. In addition, if fraudsters post fake news, then they rarely have time to completely copy the text and visual style of a news site. Therefore, when thoughtfully analyzing texts and web pages, I can find the differences.
Sometimes even the most advanced reliability analysis algorithms and fact-checking skills cannot guarantee that people will not get provoked by fake financial news. And it is sad since people can lose their money because of this.

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