"STOCK MANIPULATION": A Must Read For Newbies
On Why New Blood is Important in the Stock Market

Recently, it has come to my attention, thru PM by a newbie SMP member, asking whether she should buy stocks that are openly being teased online. I asked what those stocks are. She said BCB, EURO, ECP, VVT and more recently HP, so I decided to look into these stocks she mentioned but what immediately came to my mind was why, for the love of God, is she getting interested into getting her hands into these stocks in the first place? Who is that person so irresponsible as to encourage, persuade and influence the buying into these illiquid issues? And how did she have come to be at a point as to be on the brink of deciding into buying said stocks.

Looking at the stocks one by one, I can’t help but be reminded of IP in the early 2010. That was my first experience into the strength of a technique we can call persuasive manipulation. The set up was in place already as he was the leading figure in that forum. He commanded respect as he was a very good trader, at least from what was being posted (you see, we don’t really have any proof of his actual trade transactions but we believed in him anyway, that’s how we loved him then). But a monster arose from within and the desire to teach was replaced by another desire which he decided to make as his dominant desire, the aspiration to get rich quick. I’m no minister nor a priest but I did study human psychology and that is what I saw.

Anyway going back to my female member, I sent her these charts below so she could decide for herself better as I am no active influencer and I think she is fairly a grown woman herself. I waited for her response, she didn’t. I guess that’s all the influence I can muster. I think she bought into HP and BCB making me believe that the influence of the master from the other side continues to exert influence even here at SMP.  He wins.

To you sister, I think you bought at the highs.

[Image: bcb03302012.jpg]

[Image: ECP03302012.jpg]

[Image: VVT03302012.jpg]

[Image: Euro03302012.jpg]

[Image: HP03302012.jpg]

By stage 1, he has accumulated and is in the process of teasing for a new stock which would be bound to rise significantly. This is in a way preparing the whole following to ensure that the stock would be rising surely.

By stage 2, that’s where he does most of his selling, I mean duh. He also helps in the process of raising the price of the stock because by this time, he has already divulged the identity of the wonderful stock. Issues congratulatory remarks for a job well done by his followers on pushing the stock price up. Pats on the back to everybody which is a very inexpensive reward technique, positive reinforcement. Everybody is happy, but are they?

Stage 3, by this time he no longer has his core shares with him, maybe helps one way or another to push the price of the stock so as to have a genuine straight from the heart answer when asked if he still has shares in the stock at this point. This is also the point where the new blood from the stock market comes in. This is where my female member from SMP comes in. This is where she would then be shaking her head for the stupid decision she made. I am sorry for the harsh words but you really need to be waking up and if I could slap your face hard, I would.

Now where would this lead the instigator? Well, happiness where else. But that’s not the whole story of it all yet because eventually everything comes into full circle and he knows that, everyone knows that. He'll pull in money but something will be pulled out from him, maybe his health. I am just one of those bold enough to be telling this to him because others are just so damn mesmerized as to be telling him anything more than what he only likes to hear. How can I judge them, how can I judge his followers, he made them that way.

Thanks for listening, I’m sure only a few would be reading this like always.

Sir Ollie, is this person you are describing here in the forum? Stupid question but it's worth noting who.

Good one Comm. I read it.
The most important part of your trades and investments shall be ---- what you think of your money, and how the others think about theirs.
Nice read , for everybody actually, and to all traders who fall for the trap of these so called manipulators when they start to hype their respective stocks.. our main goal is to enter when they enter and see suspicious movement/volume in a stock before any major movement. not when its being talked about already in public/hyped already(usually distribution time for such stocks) so the goal is to enter somewhere near Stage 1 of which Com. Ollie had stated.... we can do this by viewing bid/ask, suspicious transactions/volumes/ cross and the likes...

Personally i dont see anything wrong in trading such stocks(you just have to enter at the right time and not at the moment when your heart will be beating rapidly)... you just have to study them...one thing i can say is they (whoever they are) took great advantage of the opportunity in hand. I just hope those who got hit/burned by these to learn from their mistakes and not repeat it again and again.(easily said than done)

Cheers! Big Grin and Keep learning! and of course winning!

You do not require an invitation to make profits
Thanks Comm...

...baka busy na c sister SMP member kaya di naka reply sa iyo Comm.
...if ever you could slap her face, pwede ba bago mo gawin yon tanong mo muna kung talagang nakabili cya, maging doble pa kasi sakit na aabutin nya Big Grin

sana matuto tayong lahat mga newbie sa lesson sa gusto ipaabot ni Comm O sa atin. More power SMP!!!
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SLAP HER FACE! SLAP HER FACE! hhehehehehe! natawa ko dun... ano ba, we can all fall into these trap... in fact, i think wala na ganyan style... hehehe unless my press release na hindi masyado claro... hehehe
The most important part of your trades and investments shall be ---- what you think of your money, and how the others think about theirs.
Seriously now, I thank you for that very much needed "slap on the face".
Because, it's really very tempting to try your hand on these stocks especially if you are a newbie and "mesmerized" by the gurus.

I know, because I've been there.

If it's not for anyone out there, it's for me.
Keep on reminding us...
sa mga makukulit pero peborit at kating kati sa ang mga ganitong istuck at excited na excited pag nag ceiling ang stock nyo, eto gawin nyo para mawala kati nyo. bili kayo tig isang board lot ng mga stock na di pa gumagalaw. tapos iwan mo lang dyan. pag mag ceiling benta. ayun makatipid ka.

sa mga newbies, eto add ko sa sinabi ni commander. check VOLUME. important yan sa ganun. bakit? usually, if volume of stage 1, plus volume of stage 2, is equal to volume of stage 3, do not attempt to enter the stock na after stage 3. if volume of stage 3 is significantly less than stages 1 and 2 combined, may chance may rebound pa yan. it's not set in stone, but the logic behind that is that when people bought up during stages 1, and 2, they usually go out at stage 3. if volume at the early days of stage 3 is so small, then a lot of people are still "ipit". if i were one of those ipit, i'd try to push the price up, so that i can get out alive. make sense? Smile hope it helps.
buy high, sell higher!

stock market abbreviations (for newbies)

"when it comes to trading, i'm just barely smart enough to realize that i'm a total idiot. i might be considered stupid, but on the intelligence scale, it puts me comfortably ahead of all the dumber people who thinks they're better than me."

wew.. nice one boss ollie.. aus talaga d2 sa smp. actually.. this forum has guided me since i started trading. and all here is worth reading including this one! heeee! salamat sa malasakit ng mga mentors natin dyan..^^

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