Suntrust Home Developers, Inc.
Will the Sun shine bukas? Let us see...
sana... Cool
Nasa radar pala ng SMP ang SUN Smile nice Smile
Just wanna greet you a happy sunny day! Smile
This is the best when it comes to momentum trading. Fast mover up and down. Smile
nice continuation pa ba?
Board approval of acquisition of First Oceanic Property Management, Inc.

The Board of Directors of the Company also approved the acquisition of 100% of First Oceanic Property Management, Inc., a property management company engaged in the management of residential and office condominium and private estates. The acquisition is intended to create a new revenue stream for the Company which would complement its existing investments in real estate.
#28! good morning my SUN hehe

^^ Bought some, accumulation phase muna. Wag kayo mag gap-up tom ha, at baka mabuhusan ulit tayo... Big Grin

~In all your ways, acknowledge God.

Initializing Bazura Mode...
Trading suspension

In connection with our disclosure statement dated 12 September 2011,
please be advised that the acquisition cost of First Oceanic Property
Management, Inc. is Pesos: Eighteen Million Sixty Two Thousand Five
Hundred (Php18,062,500.00) for 18,062,500 shares representing 100% of
subscribed and outstanding capital stock.

pd: no sun
Ang Na Ang Na Sulakihin Somaskidot Moko Moko!


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