What are penny stocks in PSE? Can you name some? thank you :)
^ your right bro. EG is pumped and dumped historically.
Bible Verse: I Timothy 9
Penny Stocks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDpPlrHgquM
Business tycoons: http://www.stockmarketpilipinas.com/post...l#pid55519 (edited by comm ollie)
List of penny stocks @ https://www.stocksph.com/penny-stocks
Join StocksPH competitions @
You can say that penny stocks are shares of smaller public companies. They are traded in the form of pennies, hence the name penny stocks. If you have watched Wolf of Wall Street, you will be able to realize the importance and shear strength of penny stocks.
Penny stocks might be an option also for new investors to start with. It allows good diversification of relatively small invested funds. Anyway, there is a huge potential in those stocks so there are many traders who prefer investments in penny stocks

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