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Trader's Lengua Estofado

Most of us who invest in the stock market usually read and/or hear words such as bull and bear. Ordinarily, these words will mean specific animals to us. In stock market jargon, however, they take on different meanings because they are used as symbols. A bull market is an investor-friendly market; here, one learns to become a genius at picking stocks. The term symbolizes the upward surge of the bull's horn as it gores its victim. On the other hand, a bear market means no more extravagant vacations, belt-tightening, and eating cheap instant noodles for breakfast instead of the usually preferred expensive and cholesterol-rich bacon and ham. The term bear market symbolizes the downward direction of the bear's paws as it claws at its victim. On a personal note, I love the bear market because it allows me to go home early to be with my family and do laundry.

Oftentimes we use the term buy and sell whenever we place an order. In the context of stock market investment, the phrase is slightly altered to accommodate the requirements of text messaging. This accommodation is a big help and a welcome relief to investors who want to place their orders “as is where is” – this literally means wherever they are, be it in their offices, inside a car or in the comfort of their residence. Most text messages I have received spell out buy and sell as "by" and "cel". After I update my clients through text, I get a reply like "K", which is the short and accepted version of “okay” in text lingo.

The Internet has paved the way for the creation of public forums that are meant to enhance investor awareness of stock market investing. Public forums capture the essence of public sentiments towards the stock market in general. Daily exchanges of public views and opinions take place in these forums, in much the same way company's stocks are exchanged on the floor.

The existence of Phisix Manila Forum (original site @ http://p200.ezboard.com/bphisix) has greatly influenced the evolution of the trader’s lingo. The interaction and communication among traders occur in codes. Most traders like to converse in a manner only they will understand. 10 years ago if i remember it right, a cyber analyst named Camel pioneered such trader’s lingo in public forums. This article is a tribute to him.

Here are some trader’s lingo commonly found in the forums of Phisix Manila now Finance Manila, the Traderspizza and the old forum sites of iDS Finance and Philstocks.net. As of this writing, these trader's lingo will find its way to SMP, with a vision of empowering the Filipino trader.

Let’s take broker’s analysis as an example. Most traders monitor brokers’ activities. Traders use different names for these brokers. Frequently used names are “Aling pATRing”, “Madam Auring”, “May Pera”, “Legend”, “Boyfriend ni Rica”, “Taga-igib ng Tubig”, “Juan”, “***** to Papa”, “Chinese Calculator”, “Kalesa”, “Ate V”, “Asia’s Song Bird”, “I love You”, “Eye 2 Eye”, "Dots", "Macky" and many other seemingly unintelligible monikers.

Recently, with active participations of hot money pouring into the stock market, the word "cayman" has been used for offshore accounts (e.g. cayman island, bvi british virgin island and bermuda). These caymans are being used to avoid detection and thus flag as foreign. You'll gonna hear a lot of cayman theory as the SMP forum progresses.

There are coded words specifically meant for trading. The word “muah or pt” means profit taking. From time to time traders will suggest to forum readers that they have liquidated their holdings by posting those words. “Safe sex”, which actually means “disclaimer attached”, is found on a recommendation a forum member gives. It warns the reader that whoever posted the message will not be held responsible for their actions. “DD”, which means due diligence, is usually attached as well on every reco (short for recommendation). It means readers must exercise diligence on every stock that is being recommended. “SALAWAL” connotes a sell or short recommendation on the stock. “Horny” symbolizes the color green. The market is said to be in the green when it is up; hence the term. "X" is not a movie rating; it means a cross sale.

“Tsups” is not a kiss. This word is short for tsupita which means punting or short term trading. Tsupitero.com is the only Filipino site that gives analysis for a tsupita play. "mm" stands for market maker. "MM" though has a different connotation.

Most traders have their own set of rules and code of discipline. The very famous one is the acronym C.L.I.T. It means Cut Loss In Time. Whoever invented this acronym is one horny trader.
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If there's one more gift I ask of you Lord, it will be Peace... Here on Earth.
God is great... all the time
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Spyfrat C.L.I.T 's thread
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